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How To Write For Inside The Pylon & SoSH Baseball

We are always looking to add new writers. Here are some guidelines and helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Work on your ideas. We do not assign topics. We want writers to “explore the studio space” and be committed to the piece.
  2. There are no “stats” or “film” requirements. The most common response we get when we ask for submissions is “I don’t know stats/film well enough”. IT DOESN’T MATTER. We want good writing, and if that includes stats or film, terrific. But if not, that’s great too. We have published many pieces without a single number or video clip.
  3. We’re here to help. We have fantastic editors who work with you to make your piece as strong as possible. We want to help you be great.
  4. We work on your timetable. As a volunteer effort, we appreciate your time and effort. This means that we work (as much as possible) on your schedule. Let us know when you’ve got copy or can look over editorial changes/suggestions.
  5. We’ll make it pretty.  We do image work, gifs, video, and help with creating tables, graphs etc. If you don’t have time/experience/software we can often create them to your specifications.
  6. Avoid “first person” if at all possible. Vice Sports has a great “want to write for us” section and we’re stealing this line: “If the subject of your story isn’t more interesting than you are, then perhaps more reporting is in order.”

Please submit Google Documents, as our editing process happens in that program and makes sharing easy. Include any pictures/videos/tables/other as attachments with your email to our editorial team.

To submit to Inside The Pylon, please email: staff@sonsofsamhorn.com

Write for us and thanks for reading!

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