Introducing Team-Specific Draft Guides

At Inside The Pylon, we get a little obsessed with the NFL Draft. Our team of 50 scouts wrote nearly 1,000 reports about more than 550 draft prospects, and we turned that into our ITP Draft Guide, which we feel is the premier product on the market.

But we recognize that not everyone is as obsessed as we are. Many fans are primarily interested in the prospects selected by their favorite team, and not all of the 185 we cover in the guide (or the 100+ that will be included in our forthcoming post-draft supplement). That’s why we’re offering team-specific guides for 2018, which contain our detailed scouting reports on all of your team’s draftees for $4.99. They also feature an overview essay and at least one undrafted free agent that has a chance to play a role on your favorite team. We have already dropped the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans guides and will be adding more teams in the forthcoming days. Interested in purchasing but your favorite squad isn’t available? Let us know at or on Twitter @ITPylon. Our scouts put so much hard work into covering a tremendous breadth of prospects and we’re excited to share with as wide an audience as possible. Get the scoop on your favorite team’s picks today!

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