NFL Week 4 Collection

This is the 2015 NFL Week 4 collection of all content from Inside the Pylon.  Please also visit our Glossary, Podcasts, and College Football pages. Click here for NFL Week 1NFL Week 2 & NFL Week 3 collections.

PODCAST Episode 1.4

Week 4 Previews, Reviews, and Long-Form

Mark Schofield reviews the film on the Washington defense and the effective combination of Terrance Knighton and Keenan Robinson against the run.

Dave Archibald looks at the unstoppable Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons, and predicts the Houston Texans scheme will keep him away from big plays.

Mark Schofield brings out the high praise for Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown, who earns the award for throw of the week.

Chuck Zodda has run the numbers on longer extra points through the first four weeks, and explains some of the false assumptions about how the rest of the season will go.

Mark Schofield details how the St. Louis Rams rode Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin to victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Brian Filipiak explains the New England Patriots wham blocking schemes.

Mark Schofield breaks down the touchdown connection between the Oakland Raiders wonderkids Derek Carr and Amari Cooper.

Dave Archibald previews the matchup between the Falcons running back Devonta Freeman and the Texans linebackers and says Freeman will have field day.

Mark Schofield looks at how C.J. Spiller of the New Orleans Saints ended proceedings against the Dallas Cowboys.

Brian Filipiak examines the Patriots use of old-school blocking tight end Michael Williams in their modern attack.

Dave Archibald reviews the how the turnover differential fuels an upset.

Brian Filipiak dissects how the Baltimore Ravens cracked down on the Pittsburgh Steelers two OT attempts to run a QB sweep.

Mark Schofield has a thing with Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins. He breaks down his obsession, and how the QB pulling one out against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brian Filipiak breaks down how the Denver Broncos defensive schemes, specifically the overload blitz, made Minnesota’s Teddy Bridgewater miserable.

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