2015 NFL Playoff: Patriots vs Ravens Coverage

The NFL Playoffs are down to the Elite Eight, and the New England Patriots get into action this weekend against their old friends the Baltimore Ravens, fresh off their Wild Card win over the Steelers in Pittsburgh. To satisfy your in-depth Patriots vs Ravens coverage cravings, Inside The Pylon takes you inside every matchup with comprehensive film breakdowns and analysis to get you up to speed for this do-or-die battle.


Welcome to Our Overload OverlordsBrian Filipiak examines how the Patriots have performed against these defensive front packages, and what the Ravens and their talented defenders might present as practitioners of the craft.

Three Keys to Beating the PatriotsMark Schofield explores what the Ravens need to do to enhance their odds of beating Bill Belichick’s squad and leaving Gillette Stadium as the victors.

Ravens at Patriots: Special Teams PreviewChuck Zodda breaks down the punting, kicking, return and coverage units, their strengths and weaknesses, and what to look for on Saturday.

Ravens at Patriots: Suggs vs. SolderJeremy Turner delves into one of the most critical matchups of the game: New England left tackle Nate Solder against Baltimore’s pass-rushing linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Passing Game Preview: When the Ravens Have the BallDave Archibald takes a look at what Joe Flacco and company will bring to Foxborough, and what Matt Patricia might have up his sleeve in response.

Passing Game Preview: When the Patriots Have the BallMark Schofield digs into the New England game plan and how Josh McDaniels will attack the field while ensuring Tom Brady withstands a treacherous Baltimore pass rush.

Running Game Preview: When the Ravens Have The BallBrian Filipiak covers every angle of the Baltmore ground attacks, from blocks to cutbacks – and New England’s rush defenses, from gap fits to edge pursuits.

Running Game Preview: When the Patriots Have The BallBrian Filipiak puts the microscope on New England’s rushing approach, and breaks down how Baltimore’s defensive personnel will seek to halt it.

Reading the Ravens NumbersDouglas Storms pulls out his abacus and slide rule to find the most interesting and compelling figures and metrics, and what they can tell us about Baltimore’s trends and tendencies.

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