Dan Hatman’s 2018 NFL Scout Movement Tracker

[dt_divider style=”thick” /]Each year the NFL scouting community engages in a shuffle, as both personnel and scouts move between organizations. Sometimes these are individual movements and promotions from team to team, but other times these moves indicate a new front office that is looking to make a shift in the team’s philosophy.

This tracker I have put together reflects the scouts and personnel moving into and out of each organization this offseason. For most cases, I have given the title of the incoming or outgoing person as they are publicly made available. Please bookmark and check back periodically as the post will be updated daily as new hires are made available.

If known, the team the individual came from / went to is in parenthesis.

Title Moving On Moving In
Vice President and Sr. Advisor to the GM None Keena Turner (Promoted)
College Scouting Director None Ethan Waugh (Promoted)
Senior Player Personnel Coordinator Ethan Waugh (Promoted) None
Director of Football R&D None Kwesi Adofo-Mensah (Promoted)
Area Scout Kyle O’Dell Dom DeCicco (Promoted)
Football R&D Analyst Kwesi Adofo-Mensah (Promoted) None
Player Personnel Assistant Jacob Nierob None
Scouting Assistant Dom DeCicco (Promoted) Salli Clavelle (LATU)
Scouting Assistant Trei Walton Thomas Tupa
Title Moving On Moving In
National Scout Ryan Kessenich Chris Prescott (Promoted)
Area Scout Chris Prescott (Promoted) John Syty (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant John Syty (Promoted) James Cosh (INND)
Title Moving On Moving In
Scouting Director (College) None Mike Potts (Promoted)
Scouting Director (Pro) None Steven Radicevic (Promoted)
Personnel Executive Mike Potts (Promoted) None
Personnel Executive Steven Radicevic (Promoted) None
Scout None Andrew Johnson (Promoted)
Scout None Christian Sarkisian (NFS)
Scouting Assistant Andrew Johnson (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Managing Partner and President Russ Brandon Kim Pegula (Ownership)
Vice President of Player Personnel Brian Gaine (HST) None
Director of Player Personnel None Dan Morgan (SEA)
Director of Football Administration Don Purdy (Private Business) None
Director of Analytics Michael Lyons Luis Güílamo (TekPartners)
BLESTO Scout Marcus Cooper (NYG)
Keith Jennings (NFLPA/SCCL/The Scouting Academy)
Coordinator of Football Administration/Operations None Jason Barbarino (Promoted)
Personnel Coordinator None Asil Mulbah (NYSY)
Personnel Coordinator None Tyler Pratt (PAKU)
Personnel Assistant Jason Barbarino (Promoted) None
Player Personnel Assistant Collin Dotterer None
Title Moving On Moving In
President of Football Ops/General Manager None John Elway (Promoted)
Executive VP of Football Ops/General Manager John Elway (Promoted) None
Senior College Consultant None Scott DiStefano (Promoted)
Area Scout Scott DiStefano (Promoted) None
Pro Scout None Patrick Walsh (Promoted)
Player Personnel Assistant Patrick Walsh (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant None Rob Paton (CALA)
Scouting Assistant None Deon Randall
Title Moving On Moving In
Executive Vice President, Football Operations Sashi Brown None
General Manager None John Dorsey (KC – 2017)
Assistant General Manager None Eliot Wolf (GB)
Vice President of Player Personnel None Alonzo Highsmith (GB)
Vice President of Football Administration None Chris Cooper (Promoted)
Director of Player Personnel Chisom Opara (MIN) None
Senior Personnel Executive Ryan Grigson (SEA) None
Personnel Consultant None Scot McCloughan (WAS – 2017)
Director of College Scouting Bobby Vega (BLT) Steve Malin (NO)
Director of Football Administration Chris Cooper (Promoted) None
Assistant Director, Pro Scouting None Jim Noel (KC)
Scout Patrick Moore (GB) None
Scout Marshall Oium (NE) Matt Donahoe (KC)
Scout Scott Levin None
Scout Zac Bocian None
Personnel Coordinator Sam Fioroni Dan Zegers (KC)
College Scouting Assistant Keegan Leyrer None
Scouting Assistant Scott Kaniecki (CLE – Coaching) None
Player Personnel Assistant None Bryant Swindle (Promoted -Ops)
Title Moving On Moving In
Senior National Scout None Byron Kiefer (Promoted)
National Scout Byron Kiefer (Promoted) None
Area Scout (Southeast) Brian Hudspeth (DET) Tony Hardie (Promoted)
Area Scout (Midwest) Tony Hardie (Promoted) Antwon Murray (Promoted)
NFS Scout Antwon Murray (Promoted) Brian McLaughlin (Promoted)
Scouting Coordinator None Cesar Rivera (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant Brian McLaughlin (Promoted) Sean Conley (ILNW)
Scouting Assistant Josh Hinch Will Edmunds (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant None Zachary Smith (AZUN)
Operations Assistant Cesar Rivera (Promoted) None
Operations Intern Will Edmunds (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Area Scout (Southeast) John Ritcher (HST) Alfonaza Knight (Promoted)
College Scouting Coordinator Debbie Pollum Ryan Gold (Promoted)
Scout Ryan Gold (Promoted) None
NFS Scout Alfonaza Knight (Promoted) Zach Devlin (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant Zach Devlin (Promoted) Chad Jenkins (TNST)
Title Moving On Moving In
Senior Executive Randy Mueller None
Assistant Director of Pro Scouting None Regis Eller (Promoted)
National Crosschecker None Justin Sheridan (Promoted)
Area Scout Justin Sheridan (Promoted) Tyler Lyon (Promoted)
Pro Scout Regis Eller (Promoted) None
NFS Scout Travis Lash Mike Jasinski (INPU)
College Scouting Coordinator Tyler Lyon (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Brentley Weissman Kevin McGuire (Promoted – Ops)
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of Football Operations Mike Borgonzi (Promoted)
Director of Player Personnel Mike Borgonzi (Promoted)
Assistant Director of Player Personnel None Mike Bradway (PHI)
Assistant Director of Player Personnel None Ryan Poles (Promoted)
Football Operations Counsel and Personnel Executive None Chris Shea (Promoted)
Director of College Scouting Ryan Poles (Promoted) Ryne Nutt (Promoted)
Assistant Director of College Scouting Ryne Nutt (Promoted) None
Salary Cap and Legal Executive Chris Shea (Promoted) None
National Scout None Trey Koziol (Promoted)
Area Scout (West Coast) Trey Koziol (Promoted) None
Area Scout (Northeast) Matt Donahoe (CLE) None
Pro/College Scout Jim Noel (CLE) Jason Lamb (Promoted)
NFS Area Scout (Midwest) Jason Lamb (Promoted) Robert Francois (Promoted)
College Scouting Coordinator Dan Zegers (CLE) Greg Castillo (NO)
Player Personnel Assistant Robert Francois (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Assistant General Manager None Ed Dodds (Promoted)
Vice President of Player Personnel Ed Dodds (Promoted) None
Director of Player Development None Brian Decker (Promoted)
Player Personnel Strategist Brian Decker (Promoted) None
Assistant Director of Pro Scouting None Jon Shaw (Promoted)
Senior Football Strategy Analyst/Game Mgmt None George Li (OAK)
Area Scout (West) Dave Razzano (OAK) Chris McGaha (Promoted)
Area Scout (Midlands) Chris McGaha (Promoted) None
Pro Scout/Special Projects Jon Shaw (Promoted) None
Player Personnel Scout None Mike Lacy (Promoted)
College Scouting Coordinator Kyle Childress (CHI) Anthony Coughlan (Promoted)
Pro Personnel Assistant None Boyd Jackson (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant Boyd Jackson (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Anthony Coughlan (Promoted) Zerick Rollins (LASW)
Scouting Assistant Mike Lacy (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Scouting Administrative Assistant None Jessica McClanahan (TEN – 2017)
Title Moving On Moving In
Pro Scout None Andy Howell (Promoted)
Player Personnel Coordinator None Minh Luu (Promoted)
Player Personnel Scout Andy Howell (Promoted) None
Staff Assistant, College Scouting Minh Luu (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Isaiah Barnes (LAC) JP Correia (NYG)
Football Analyst None Max Mulitz (PHI – 2016)
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of Player Personnel None Andy Weidl (Promoted)
Assistant Director of Player Personnel Andy Weidl (Promoted) None
Player Personnel Executive College/Pro Trey Brown (AAF) None
Assistant Director of College Scouting Mike Bradway (KC) Alan Wolking (Promoted)
Player Personnel Coordinator None Casey Weidl (Promoted)
National Scout None Patrick Stewart (NE)
Area Scout (Southeast) Alan Wolking (Promoted) None
Area Scout (Southwest) None Shawn Heinlen (BUF – 2017)
Area Scout (West) None Ryan Myers (Promoted)
Area Scout (Northeast) None Jim Ward (Promoted)
Area Scout (Midwest) Jim Ward (Promoted) None
Pro Scout Ted Williams None
Pro/College Scout Ryan Myers (Promoted) None
College Scouting Coordinator Casey Weidl (Promoted) None
Assistant Director of Football Analytics None Taylor Rajack
Scouting Assistant Patrick McDonough Lee DiValerio (PAVI)
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of Strategic Initiatives None
Justin Schaaf (NYWP/The Scouting Academy)
Pro Scout Kevin Simon (TNUN) Reese Hicks (Promoted)
Scouting Coordinator Bailey Swyden (Nike) Kirsten Grohs (JAX – 2017)
Scouting Assistant Reese Hicks (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Senior Vice President and General Manager Jerry Reese Dave Gettleman (CAR – 2017)
Vice President of Football Ops/Asst GM None Kevin Abrams (Promoted)
Assistant General Manager Kevin Abrams (Promoted) None
Vice President of Player Evaluation Marc Ross None
Director of Player Personnel None Mark Koncz (CAR – 2017)
Director of College Scouting None Chris Pettit (Promoted)
Regional Scout None Steve Venderosa (Promoted)
Regional Scout None Jeremy Breit (Promoted)
Executive Scout Steve Venderosa (Promoted) None
Area Scout Chris Pettit (Promoted) Marcus Cooper (BUF)
Area Scout (West) Jeremy Breit (Promoted) DJ Boisture (Promoted)
Area Scout (Mid-Atlantic) None Patrick Hanscomb (Promoted)
Pro Scout Patrick Hanscomb (Promoted) Nick La Testa (Promoted)
Football Operations Assistant None Charles Tisch (Promoted)
Player Personnel Assistant Charles Tisch (Promoted) None
Pro Personnel Assistant Nick La Testa (Promoted) None
Pro Personnel Intern JP Correia (MIA)
Title Moving On Moving In
Pro Scout None Greg Jones (Promoted)
Scouting Associate Greg Jones (Promoted) Joseph Anile (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant Joseph Anile (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of College Scouting Matt Bazirgan (HST) Jon Carr (HST)
Senior Manager, Football Research & Analytics None Brian Shields (Promoted)
National Scout (West Coast) Jim Jauch None
National Scout Lee Gissendaner (GB) Dom Green (Promoted)
Coordinator, Pro Scouting None Greg Nejmeh (Promoted)
College Scout Brian Shields (Promoted) Alonzo Dotson (GB)
College Scout None Drew Morris (Promoted)
College Scout Dom Green (Promoted) None
Pro Scout Greg Nejmeh (Promoted) None
Pro Scout Tom Gibbons Kevin Murphy (BUF – 2017)
Manager, Football Analytics None
Jason Mulholland (Promoted – Finance)
Scouting Intern Drew Morris (Promoted) Andrew Dollack (TXAM)
Scouting Intern None Tyler Tettleton (OKUN)
Scouting Intern None Eric Ellingworth (FLUN)
Player Personnel/Operations Intern Brian Clay None
Analytics Seasonal Intern None Jason Feldman (CAR)
Title Moving On Moving In
Senior Personnel Executive None Jimmy Raye (HST)
National Scout None Mark Olson (Promoted)
National Scout None Brian Hudspeth (TB)
Regional Scout Mark Olson (Promoted) None
Area Scout Alan Anderson Roman Phifer (Nunn-Wooten)
Area Scout None Patrick Mularkey (Promoted)
Pro Scout None Joe Kelleher (Promoted)
College Scout Ron Miles (Promoted) None
College Scouting Coordinator Joe Kelleher (Promoted) Ron Miles (Promoted)
Pro Scouting Coordinator Patrick Mularkey (Promoted) None
Scout None Bird Sherrill (Promoted)
Scout None Josh Vaughan (Promoted)
Scouting Operations Manager None Jessica Larmony (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant Bird Sherrill (Promoted) Justin Licker (MABC)
Scouting Assistant Josh Vaughan (Promoted) Dakota Duncan
Title Moving On Moving In
Executive VP, General Manager & Dir of Football Ops Ted Thompson (Retirement) None
General Manager None Brian Gutekunst (Promoted)
Executive VP / Director of Football Operations None Russ Ball (Promoted)
Co-Director of Player Personnel None Jon-Eric Sullivan (Promoted)
Co-Director of Player Personnel None John Wojciechowski (Promoted)
Director of Player Personnel Brian Gutekunst (Promoted) None
Director of Football Operations Eliot Wolf (CLE) None
VP of Football Admin / Player Finance Russ Ball (Promoted) None
Senior Personnel Executive Alonzo Highsmith (CLE) None
Personnel Executive None Lee Gissendaner (NYJ)
Senior Advisor to Football Operations None Ted Thompson (Retirement)
Director of College Scouting Jon-Eric Sullivan (Promoted) Matt Malaspina (Promoted)
Director of Pro Personnel John Wojciechowski (Promoted) None
Assistant Director of Pro Scouting/Salary Cap Analyst None Chad Brinker (Promoted)
Manager of Football Administration/Player Finance None Melanie Marohl (Promoted)
National Scout None Sam Seale (Promoted)
West Regional Scout Sam Seale (Promoted) None
College Scout Alonzo Dotson (NYJ) Patrick Moore (CLE)
College Scout Matt Malaspina (Promoted) Brandian Ross (Promoted)
College Scout None Luke Benuska (Promoted)
Pro Scout Chad Brinker (Promoted) None
Pro Scout Luke Benuska (Promoted) None
Salary Cap Analyst Melanie Marohl (Promoted) None
Scouting Intern Brandian Ross (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
General Manager None Marty Hurney (Promoted)
Interm General Manager Marty Hurney (Promoted) None
Senior Advisor to the General Manager None Mark Carrier (Promoted)
Senior Executive Scout Don Gregory
Senior Director of College Scouting None Jeff Morrow (Promoted)
Director of College Scouting Jeff Morrow (Promoted) None
Director of Player Engagement Mark Carrier (Promoted) None
Regional Director of College Scouting None Mike Szabo (Promoted)
Regional Director of College Scouting None Eric Stokes (Promoted)
Assistant Director of Pro Personnel None Rob Hanrahan (Promoted)
National Scout Mike Szabo (Promoted) None
Area Scout Eric Stokes (Promoted) None
Area Scout Khary Darlington Mike Martin (HST)
Pro Scout Rob Hanrahan (Promoted) None
College Scouting Coordinator None Austin Bergstrom (Promoted – Ops)
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of Software Engineering None Sean Harrington (Promoted)
National Scout James Liipfert (HST) None
Area Scout Patrick Stewart (PHI) Camren Williams (Promoted)
Area Scout None DJ Debick (Promoted)
Pro Scout Frank Ross (OHJC) Marshall Oium (CLE)
Senior Software Engineer Sean Harrington (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Camren Williams (Promoted) Alex Brooks (OHJC)
Scouting Assistant DJ Debick (Promoted) Taylor Redd (NCWF)
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of Football Research (Coaching) None Dave Razzano (IND)
Director of Coaching Analytics George Li (IND) None
Title Moving On Moving In
Vice President, Football & Business Administration None Tony Pastoors (Promoted)
Senior Assistant Tony Pastoors (Promoted) None
Area Scout None Chance Trickett (Promoted)
Pro Scout None Matt Waugh (Promoted)
Personnel Evaluation/ST Analyst Will Rodriguez (CAAZ) None
Pro Scouting Assistant Matt Waugh (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Chance Trickett (Promoted) None
Football Analyst Shawn Farshchi
Title Moving On Moving In
General Manager Ozzie Newsome (Advisor post 2018) Eric DeCosta (Promoted)
Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta (Promoted) None
East Area Scout None Bobby Vega (CLE)
College & Pro Scout None Joey Cleary (Promoted)
Player Personnel Assistant Joey Cleary (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Michael Newsome Chas Stallard (OKCE)
Scouting Assistant None Houegnon Attenoukon
Football Analyst None Daniel Stern (Promoted)
Coaching Analytics Assistant Daniel Stern (Promoted) None
Title Moving On Moving In
National Scout Steve Malin (CLE) Cody Rager (Promoted)
Area Scout Cody Rager (Promoted) Scott Campbell (WAS)
College Scouting Coordinator/Area Scout None Paul Zimmer (Promoted)
NFS Scout CJ Leak (HST)
Michael DiJulio (The Scouting Academy)
Pro Scout Marcus Ungaro None
College Scouting Coordinator Paul Zimmer (Promoted) None
Pro Scouting Coordinator None Justin Matthews (Promoted)
Football Research & Strategy None Ryan Herman (Promoted)
Player Personnel/Analyst Justin Matthews (Promoted) None
Analyst Ryan Herman (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Bailee Brown (HST) Tommy Reamon Jr (VAPI)
Scouting Assistant Greg Castillo (KC) Joe Kemp (LATU/USMC)
Title Moving On Moving In
Senior Football Consultant None Ryan Grigson (CLE)
Director of Pro Personnel Dan Morgan (BUF) Nolan Teasley (Promoted)
Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Nolan Teasley (Promoted) None
Area Scout Jim Nagy (Senior Bowl) None
Scouting Intern None Jalun Morris (The Scouting Academy)
Title Moving On Moving In
Scout None Kelvin Fisher (BUF – 2017)
Scouting Assistant Denzel Martin (Promoted – Coaching) Dennis MacInnis (ORUN)
Title Moving On Moving In
Executive VP of Football Ops / General Manager Rick Smith (Leave of Absense) None
General Manager None Brian Gaine (BUF)
VP of Player Personnel / Asst General Manager Jimmy Raye III (DET) None
Director of Player Personnel None Matt Bazirgan (NYJ)
Director of College Scouting Jon Carr (NYJ) James Liipfert (NE)
Assistant Director of College Scouting Mike Martin (CAR) None
Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Larry Wright CJ Leak (NO)
National Scout None Mozique McCurtis (Promoted)
Area Scout (Southeast) Mozique McCurtis (Promoted) John Ritcher (ARZ)
Area Scout (Southwest) Seth Turner Bailee Brown (NO)
Pro Scout Tolu Lasaki Chris Blanco (Promoted)
Pro Scout None Steven Price (MIN)
College Scouting Coordinator Matt Jansen Tom Hayden (PHI – 2017)
Player Personnel Scout Chris Blanco (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Rory Pommerening Najja Johnson (NYBU)
Scouting Assistant None George Panos (WIUN)
Title Moving On Moving In
Vice President of Player Personnel None Ryan Cowden (Promoted)
Director of Player Personnel Ryan Cowden (Promoted) None
Assistant Director of Pro Scouting None Kevin Turks (Promoted)
National Scout Phil Neri Dale Thompson (Promoted)
College Scout (West) Dale Thompson (Promoted) TJ Earley (Promoted)
Pro Scout Kevin Turks (Promoted) None
Pro Scout Steve Hutchinson Casey Callahan (Promoted)
Scouting Coordinator TJ Earley (Promoted) Tosin Kazeem (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant Casey Callahan (Promoted) Patrick Woo (Senior Bowl)
Scouting Assistant Tosin Kazeem (Promoted) Rob Riederer (OKTU)
Title Moving On Moving In
Director of Football Administration None Anne Doepner (Promoted)
Manager of Football Administration Anne Doepner (Promoted) None
Personnel Consultant None Chisom Opara (CLE)
College Scout Steven Price (HST) Blaine Gramer (Promoted)
Pro Scout Jeff Robinson (Youth Development) Jeremy Gray (CALA)
BLESTO Scout Blaine Gramer (Promoted) Jake Essler (Promoted)
Scouting Assistant BJ McNorton None
Scouting Intern Jake Essler (Promoted) Noah Spielman (FOX Sports)
Title Moving On Moving In
Senior Personnel Executive Scott Campbell (NO) None
Director of Football Strategy/Scout None Jeff Scott (Promoted)
Personnel Coordinator/Pro Scout None Brian Zeches (Promoted)
Pro Scout/Football Admin/Salary Cap Analyst Jeff Scott (Promoted) None
Pro Scout None Brent Caprio (Promoted)
Personnel Coordinator Brian Zeches (Promoted) None
Scouting Assistant Brent Caprio (Promoted) None

Dan Hatman is the Director of The Scouting Academy and writes for Inside The Pylon when not teaching future football scouts and coaches.

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