Diary of a DFS Virgin: Entry One

With all the promo codes and games to choose from, daily fantasy football can be intimidating. Luckily Sharona has decided to demystify the process by chronicling her experience playing DFS for the first time in her Diary of a DFS Virgin series.

Hi! I am Sharona and I am a daily fantasy sports (DFS) virgin.

I started playing fantasy football in 2004 in a 16-team keeper league. Since then, I’ve played fantasy football every year since then in dynasty / keeper, redraft, PPR, and IDP leagues. I’ll be checking in weekly with articles on players to target or avoid in a variety of fantasy formats. This week, I’m starting with a diary of my first foray into a DFS league.

Let’s have some fun together, shall we?

4:00 PM: Pull up FanDuel website and sign up. Website immediately asks for money. I AM NOT AMUSED. Go to get wine.

6:00: Contemplate the payment / payout options and select lowest common denominator. Briefly considers hacking and privacy violation problems. PANIC. Hit send anyway. YOLO.

6:15: Payment processed. FanDuel website does not immediately load back. Curse PayPal and manually go to FanDuel website. The page fills with numbers and options. PANIC ENSUES.

fanduel entry day 1

6:20: Get distracted by preseason football and Twitter. So much shiny! Quickly realize it was a mistake to start tweeting.

6:30: Make minimal investment in a first entry and MORE NUMBERS POP UP. No one told me there would be math. MORE PANIC. Need more wine. Go get wine.

6:35: Take deep breath (and big sip of wine). Plunge headfirst into the numbers and immediately spend my first DFS money on my fantasy boo, Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker. CHAMPIONSHIP. Drink more wine.

6:45: Stark realization hits: I have no clue what I’m doing. Drink more wine and look over rostering options. Peruse running backs while resisting urge to immediately draft Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson. Turn attention to wide receivers.

7:00: Have still only made one selection. Gets distracted by NFL preseason again.

7:45: Drink more wine. Numbers aren’t as scary! Spend 15 minutes trying to choose between Tyler Lockett and Stefon Diggs. Naturally, pick Anquan Boldin instead.

8:00: Drink more wine. Peruse running backs again. Can no longer resist shiny David Johnson. Realize have now spent more than half my budget and no quarterback. PANIC.

8:20: Peruse quarterbacks. They are expensive!! Divas, all of them. Drink more wine. Might be drunk. Watch Katie Ledecky BAWSE out for the United States in Rio at the Olympics.

fanduel entry day 3

8:30: Inspired by Ledecky, decide must take plunge and pick quarterback. Decide to stack Marcus Mariota with Delanie Walker. I JUST CAN’T QUIT YOU TITANS.

8:40: Might be drunk and must finish this soon. Breeze through the next three picks taking Darren Sproles, Stefon Diggs, and Justin Tucker. Progress!!

9:00: Definitely drunk. Have money to spend and only two picks left! Take Arizona Cardinals defense matched up against Patriots rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo. I have $9,600.00 left. Woohoo!

fanduel entry day 4

9:00: With one pick left and money to burn I spend big on wide receiver Antonio Brown. CHAMPIONSHIP. My roster is now complete. I can change it if I want but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done on my first submission. Click submit and take a deep breath feeling a sense of accomplishment.

fanduel entry day 5

There you have it my first submission in the exciting world of DFS. We’ll check back in after Week game 1 to see how I did and for entry number two.

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