This Week In Football’s Finest Writing & Tweeting – February 8, 2016

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The Weekly Reading List

The Things We Said About Cam Newton Five Years Ago

Cam Newton was named the MVP of the 2015 NFL season and led the Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50. But when he was going through the draft prospects, many of the most respected minds in football evaluation were not sold on his ability to transition to the professional game. Brad Gagnon takes a look back.

Roger Goodell’s Unstoppable Football Machine

Mark Leibovich examines the power of the National Football League, and the ways he defends “The Shield.”

The Vanishing Homeless of Super Bowl 50

In advance of Super Bowl 50 descending on the San Francisco area, organizers relocated a number of homeless individuals from areas in the City. Stu Woo with the Wall Street Journal does in depth on the situation.

When Whitney Hit the High Note

During Super Bowl XXV, the country was at war and a nation – and the world – watched as Whitney Houston delivered a National Anthem for the ages. Danyel Smith takes readers through those moments.

Integration, Projection and Evaluation

Matt Waldman does great work with his Rookie Scouting Portfolio. In this piece he examines the transition of Braxton Miller from quarterback to wide receiver, and outlines how his performance at the Senior Bowl might bode well for his next transition – to the NFL.

Roger Goodell’s Words are Hollow and Meaningless

Roger Goodell addressed the media in his 2016 State of the League speech on Friday. Bruce Arthur was not impressed.

Glossing Over Issues, State of the League Address Does Nothing

Bruce Arthur was not the only person left with questions after the Commissioner’s address. Nancy Armour with the USA Today also had some criticism for Mr. Goodell.

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The Book Corner

Mike Freeman‘s book, Two Minute Warning: How Concussions, Crime, and Controversy Could Kill the NFL (And What the League Can Do to Survive) is a tremendous read for football fans who care about the future of the game.

Fantasy football players who want to invest in next year’s success will find Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio invaluable before they draft next season.

Alex Kirby’s 2014 book Speed Kills: Breaking Down The Chip Kelly Offense should be one of the better selling tomes in the Bay Area this offseason.

Our own Mark Schofield wrote 17 Drives, breaking down a key drive from each week of the 2015-2016 College Football Season, culminating in Alabama’s victory over Clemson to earn a national championship.

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