Chris Dougherty Top 100 Big Board

While the 2016 NFL Draft may not have a surplus of elite talent, it is draft filled with quality depth players. Chris Dougherty’s 2016 NFL Draft Big Board highlights the top 100 players that NFL teams have spent the last year evaluating. Defensive players dominate the top 10 of Chris’ board, occupying 7 of those spots.

The grading scale for Chris’ board is below:

Grade Scale
95-100 Top-5 Pick
94-90 Top-10 Pick
89-85 1st Rd
84-80 2nd Rd
79-75 3rd Rd
74-70 4th-5th
69-65 6th-7th
64 or Below UDFA


Note: *Denotes an injured player.


[table id=33 /]

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