ITP Mock War Room Draft: Tennessee Titans Make Pick #1

The Inside the Pylon Mock War Room Draft kicks off as the Tennessee Titans make pick #1 and get the draft moving. The Titans have a number of needs to address and multiple directions they could go with the first overall pick. A war room team led by Sharona of had fifteen minutes to make a pick that will shape the franchise for years to come. Who did they take? Listen in and find out:

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2 thoughts on “ITP Mock War Room Draft: Tennessee Titans Make Pick #1

  1. Great start to this Moch draft with Tenn. picking at number 1. Loved the back and forth within the Moch management in making their decision.

    1. I concur. I think Sharona and her advisors did an outstanding job outlining the issues, the team needs, and the various factors in play. I laughed a lot, especially at her quip about ownership, and I think this was a terrific listen that nailed the spirit and goal of this project. Everyone should be subscribing to Sharona’s podcasts because she knows her stuff, both for the Titans and NFL in general. Outstanding listen!!

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