Draft Portfolio: Connor Cook

Entering this season, Connor Cook was seen by many as the top quarterback in this year’s draft classMark Schofield covered the Michigan Spartan quarterback in depth over the past year.

Tale of the Tape

Combine Results
Height Weight 40 Yard Dash Vertical Leap Broad Jump 3 Cone Hands Arms
6’4″ 217 4.79 33.0 113 7.21 9 3/4 33


We looked at Connor Cook before last season began to see why scouts considered him the top quarterback prospect heading into the 2015 season. On this play from the Rose Bowl, Cook displays the poise and accuracy that make him a potential fit in the NFL.

Cook’s ability to anticipate his receiver’s route, as well as the defense’s reaction, is one of the key things that sets him apart from his peers. On these two plays, the former Spartan displays not just his excellent anticipation, but also his pocket presence and understand of the offensive play call and the defensive look.

Michigan State punched their ticket to the Big Ten Championship Game with a win over Penn State. Cook delivered in the clutch, throwing a perfect third quarter pass that helped seal the victory for the Spartans.

In this edition of First Sound Mark further demonstrates Cook’s excellent anticipation:

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