Draft Portfolio: Jared Goff

Jared Goff is seen by many as the top quarterback in this year’s draft class, and Mark Schofield has covered the California Golden Bear in depth over the past year.

Tale of the Tape

Combine Results
Height Weight 40 Yard Dash Vertical Leap Broad Jump 3 Cone Hands Arms
6’4″ 215 4.82 27.0 110 7.17 9 32 3/4


Last summer we looked at Goff because of his arm strength. On this mirrored passing concept, the then-sophomore stuck a 25-yard pass right where it needed to be despite not having his feet properly set.

In a September bout against the Texas Longhorns, the junior signal caller displayed the ability to maintain his aggression despite an earlier misstep. Goff has shown that he can move forward from his miscues while learning valuable lessons.

Aside from his arm strength, the most impressive trait that stands out for Goff is his pocket presence. In these two plays, the quarterback’s understanding of both the defense and the protection schemes are on display.

In this edition of First Sound we examine Goff’s anticipation:

It’s always important to watch as much tape as possible, because you never know what you may miss. This is demonstrated by breaking down an interception in which Goff did everything right.

In this edition of First Sound we look at how the quarterback sees the field and reads progressions, specifically how the most divisive prospect in this crop of draft-eligible quarterbacks reads this Y-Cross play design:

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