Trevone Boykin: 2016 NFL Draft QB to Know

Draft season never ends. Although the lights have turned off at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago and the lectern has been put away, teams are already setting their boards. With that in mind, Mark Schofield has an early look at the top QBs in the 2016 NFL draft.

Trevone Boykin – Texas Christian University

Trevone Boykin returns to campus a preseason Heisman favorite, having put up prodigious numbers for the Horned Frogs as a junior. The QB completed 61% of his passes for 3,901 yards and 33 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. Boykin led an offense that was 7th in the FBS in passing yards per game (326) and 10th in the nation in passing touchdowns. He will have a number of weapons to utilize in TCU’s high-octane “Air Raid” offense, including one of the nation’s top receiver prospects, senior Josh Doctson.

Boykin is a talented athlete who can make plays  with his arm and his feet, displayed by the 707 rushing yards he posted in 2014. But in TCU’s offense he throws ‒ and throws often. He has solid vision and arm strength, and when combined with his footwork and ability to extend plays, big things can happen. Take this play against Texas Tech:

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The Horned Frogs empty the backfield against the Red Raiders’ dime defense. Texas Tech sends five pass rushers after the QB, and the defensive end bursts into the backfield untouched. Boykin deftly glides away from the DE and avoids the sack, quickly tracking down an open receiver downfield. The throw is a thing of beauty, strong and accurate even as the QB’s momentum is taking him away from the target. Doctson completes the play by breaking a tackle and racing to the end zone for a touchdown.

Boykin will face questions about his accuracy and might be tagged with the dreaded “system QB” title. But you cannot ignore his traits and results. With TCU poised to make a run at a National Championship, and tremendous talent around him, Boykin is in a position to make a run at a Heisman.

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