Golfing Early For Gurley: The Race to #1 Overall

Last week it was “Winless for Winston“. This week it is “Golfing Early For Gurley”. Each week, the race to #1 overall in the 2015 NFL Draft is examined with the schedules, matchups and potential dream-killing wins analyzed.

The ACL tear suffered by Georgia’s dynamic running back Todd Gurley was tragic for several reasons, including that the perfect headline above is no longer a possibility. To salve our disappointment, we present the weekly look at who is in the race to the bottom and the #1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. While Gurley will now tumble down draft boards, we’ll always have this headline. *Sniff*


Loser Bracket W L T DIV CONF
Panthers 3 7 1 1-2 3-5
Giants 3 8 0 1-3 2-7
Redskins 3 8 0 1-2 1-7
Jets 2 9 0 0-3 2-6
Titans 2 9 0 1-2 2-6
Buccaneers 2 9 0 0-4 1-7
Raiders 1 10 0 1-3 1-8


Despite their last minute upset of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Oakland Raiders still control the race for #1. They will need to win again to yield the top spot and their remaining schedule (@STL, SF, @KC, BUF @ DEN) does not show any obvious opportunities to earn a second victory win and throw the battle for the bottom into chaos and contention.

Instead, it is the chase for #2 that offers the most intrigue, with Tampa Bay, Tennessee, and the New York Jets each owning two wins. All three have looked putrid at times and there is a non-zero possibility that all fail to win again, forcing the three-way coin flip to determine seeding. Of course, the Jets-iest outcome would be for all three to lose out, and then for New York to lose both coin flips and end up with the 4th overall pick.

Meanwhile, the NFC East race for the basement between the Washington Football Club and the New York Giants continues, with more division matchups for both to lose in agonizing or ridiculous fashion, but the Fighting Robert Griffins own the edge in woeful conference play and can earn the higher pick by losing out.

Lastly, the temptation here is to just list the entire NFC South because their shameful and embarrassing performance this season deserves as much mockery as can be mustered. Carolina and their 3-7-1 mark still have a better chance of winning the division than finishing in the bottom five, and Tampa Bay has not yet been eliminated despite sporting a 2-9 record. Personally, the idea of relegating Atlanta, New Orleans, Carolina, and Tampa Bay and promoting Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, and Mississippi State is both reasonable and appealing.

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