August 10 Quick Kicks Podcast- Brandon Thorn on Chiefs Center Mitch Morse

Offensive-line play is one of the hardest areas of the game to judge and properly evaluate, which leads to many o-linemen being undervalued. Brandon Thorn joins the August 10 Quick Kicks Podcast with Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield to discuss one such under-appreciated player, Chiefs center Mitch Morse, whom Brandon recently covered in his new series, Under the Microscope. A second-round pick out of Missouri in the 2015 Draft, Morse was moved from tackle to center by the Chiefs, and excelled in his rookie year, starting 15 games, despite instability at the other o-line positions. Morse shows some of the traits and techniques of a tackle, but still manages to succeed at center. Topics this episode include:

  • What about Mitch Morse initially made Brandon want to write and article about him, and how hard it is to evaluate offensive linemen (3:00)
  • How stances differ between the positions along the offensive line, and how Morse has adjusted to switching from tackle in college to center in the NFL (5:04)
  • Whether Morse fits into the crazy athletic or technically sound profile that is used to describe most o-linemen (11:06)
  • If Morse helps out more in the passing game or running game (13:52)
  • What to expect from Morse next season and areas that he can improve upon (15:40)

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