August 4 Quick Kicks Podcast – Chad Kelly And The Gunslinger Mentality

The gunslinger always has a place in football lore, and the August 3 Quick Kicks Podcast examines Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly and whether or not the “gunslinger” label is accurate for the senior signal-caller. Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda host this episode of the podcast, examining one of the most defining archetypes of quarterbacks throughout the college and pro ranks. Topics this episode include:

  • The place that the gunslinger has in American football lore, and how this persona is exemplified in the game, as well as whether its place in the sport has changed in the modern NFL game (1:38)
  • How quarterbacks are forced to balance between aggressiveness and taking chances with passes, as well as managing a game in order to retain control of the ball (4:08)
  • Chad Kelly and how he initially inherited the label of “gunslinger” and the traits that made people view him in this light initially (6:11)
  • Kelly’s anticipation on throws and plays in which he demonstrates the ability to see the play develop in advance, and how this allows him to be a more complex quarterback than the traditional gunslinger (9:18)
  • The ability of Kelly to manipulate a defense with his eyes in order to open up throwing lanes in certain route combinations (12:34)
  • The improvisation shown by Kelly, and how this lets him either extend plays if a play breaks down, as well as how Ole Miss runs their offense with RPOs built into their scheme in order to allow him to improvise in more situations (16:45)

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