June 29 Quick Kicks Podcast – Jeff Feyerer on Player Valuation Models

One of the keys to running a successful team at any level is having an effective strategy for evaluating a team’s players and identifying areas of strength and weakness. The June 29 Quick Kicks Podcast examines Inside the Pylon’s own Jeff Feyerer’s method for roster evaluation, looking to combine productivity and age into an easy-to-understand metric to hone in on trends within a team. Chuck Zodda hosts this episode as we look to find a better way of evaluating both present and future talent on a team. Topics this show include:

  • The idea behind the method Jeff created and the problems it sought to solve with player and team evaluation (1:36)
  • The framework constructed for this model, and the major concepts it addresses, as well as some of the limitations of the model at the moment (3:15)
  • How Jeff’s model takes into account both the quality of the player, as well as the age of a player and his experience as being qualities important to overall evaluation (5:34)
  • Beyond player rating, how the model looks to factor in roster stability compared to volatility as it looks to identify trends across the league in terms of what strategies are employed by successful teams (8:58)
  • Some of the positional trends throughout the NFL in terms of where teams typically utilize different styles of players (12:24)
  • The future for Jeff’s model and improvements he is looking to build in over the next several seasons (14:52)

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