June 22 Quick Kicks Podcast – Kyle Crabbs on Pre-Season Senior Outlook

We have Kyle Crabbs of NDT Scouting back in studio for a second day as the June 22 Quick Kicks Podcast looks at his upcoming project scouting nearly 100 draft-eligible seniors. Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda host this episode as Kyle explains his process for scouting, and discusses some of the top players on his list for the 2017 NFL Draft. NDT Scouting’s Pre-Season Senior Outlook is available on August 22, and Kyle breaks down the massive amount of work that he and his staff are doing on the project. Topics this show include:

  • The concept behind the Pre-Season Senior Outlook and how it differs from the Draft Prospectus that Kyle and his staff have put together previously (1:09)
  • The type of information included in the publication and the level of detail people can expect on each player covered (3:15)
  • How the process for this type of scouting publication differs from those Kyle has employed on the Draft Prospectus, and how the information provided here is reflective of that (5:44)
  • The value of in-person scouting and how the ability to travel to various games provides insights that cannot be gleaned by simply watching tape (6:47)
  • The NDT Scouting internship program and the types of skills it looks to teach people who are interested in gaining a foothold in the scouting industry (8:36)
  • Key concepts that Kyle has learned throughout his evolution as a scout, and what he hopes to pass on to the next wave of hopefuls as they look to make their mark in the industry (11:04)
  • Where to get the Pre-Season Senior Outlook and its availability for purchase (12:05)

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