June 3 Quick Kicks Podcast

It is Friday and that means only one thing – Kicker Friday is here once again. The June 3 Quick Kicks Podcast takes you inside the third phase of the game as hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield break down some key terms and concepts from the punting game. While gross yardage is often quoted by many people as a measure of a punter’s success, there are in fact a number of other statistics and methods that measure a punter’s effectiveness more accurately. Topics in this episode include:

  • The difference between open-field and pin-deep punting, looking at how field position can shape punting strategy (1:28)
  • The three different strategies on pin-deep punts, detailing the coffin corner punt, nose-down punting, and pooch punting, and the various situations in which each are utilized (4:27)
  • The strongest punters in 2015 for distance-control, focusing on target distance punted (TDP) for open-field punting, and touchback percentage on pin-deep punting (7:43)
  • Brett Kern’s 2015 season and why he was so strong as far as distance-control (11:18)
  • The different ways punters can manipulate the ball using various drops and approaches (12:31)
  • Identifying the primary goal of any punt, and how a punter and special teams coach will go about choosing the right punt for the job (15:24)
  • The search for the perfect punt (17:21)

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