April 26 Quick Kicks Podcast: Dan Vitale

With just two days until the 2016 NFL Draft, we have a bonus podcast for anyone who can’t get enough draft. The April 26 Quick Kicks Podcast features an interview with Northwestern University “Superback” Dan Vitale as he heads into the draft this weekend. Dan was featured in a number of different roles as the “Superback”, giving him versatility that NFL teams covet. Hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield discuss a number of topics with Dan, including:

  • How he decided to go to Northwestern despite traditionally not being a football powerhouse (1:03)
  • What the “Superback” position entails and how it prepared Dan for an NFL career (2:25)
  • The biggest adjustments Dan had to make to produce at the college level and how those changes will help him on his way to the NFL (5:41)
  • The draft process and how having a strong team of agents helping him through the last several months has allowed Dan to prepare at a high level (8:06)
  • The man-bun and the NFL Draft (10:44)
  • Dan’s NFL Draft prospects and the types of team that will value a player with his skillset (12:04)

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