February 22 Quick Kicks Podcast

Welcome in to another new week, as the February 22 Quick Kicks Podcast is here to make Monday pass a little faster than it would otherwise. Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda are joined by Josh Wye from the Woot and Wye Podcast, as the three of them chat on what it’s like being an NFL fan in Australia and several subjects relating to this year’s draft class. Topics this show include:

  • The current state of NFL football in Australia, as well as the rapid growth in interest in recent years, partly due to players such as Jarryd Hayne and a number of Australian punters and kickers (1:39)
  • The accessibility of NFL content in Australia, both in terms of watching live games as well as how sites such as DraftBreakdown.com have allowed viewers to have access they previously wouldn’t have (3:38)
  • This year’s Australian specialists who have a chance to be drafted in the upcoming NFL Draft, including Utah P Tom Hackett, Sam Houston State P Lachlan Edwards, LSU P Jamie Keehn, and Maryland K Brad Craddock (6:59)
  • The reasons for the seemingly-rapid rise of the Australian specialist and how Australian rules football and rugby have given rise to this recent generation of players (8:35)
  • The upcoming schedule for the Woot and Wye, including interviews over the next several weeks as well as profiles on Australian prospects heading into the NFL Draft (11:33)
  • Our Twitter Question of the Day, “Which player is this year’s Tyler Lockett?” (14:49)

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