February 16 Quick Kicks Podcast

The February 16 Quick Kicks Podcast continues to delve into offseason issues as teams plan for several big dates that are drawing closer on the calendar. One of those dates is March 9, which is the official opening of free agency. Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield dig into some of the questions surrounding this time of year, looking at some of the prospective players that are likely to be available as roster construction begins. Topics this episode include:

  • Dwight Freeney and the role of the situational pass-rusher and how this can be a difference-making position for a team that needs a small boost at a low cost (2:24)
  • Travis Benjamin and how he may be an upgrade after a quiet start to his career but a big 2015 despite instability at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns (3:33)
  • Darrius Hayward-Bay and his ability to fill a role as a third receiver on a contending team despite his inability to be a star on his own (6:27)
  • James Starks and whether Green Bay ends up locking him up as their feature back or whether he will end up going on the market as a viable lower-cost option (8:52)
  • The Twitter Question of the Day, “How much do you knock a guy for trying to pull off a man-bun? Do you lower him a round or two or completely take him off your board?” (13:07)

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