ITP The Podcast Volume 1.22

Our 40-miunte Wednesday podcast is back as ITP The Podcast Volume 1.22 helps to get you through your post-Super Bowl lull. Now firmly planted in three weeks of Sports Hell until March Madness begins, Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield dig into some final thoughts on Super Bowl 50, along with some help from Brandon Thorn of The Football Educator. Topics this episode include:

  • Britton Colquitt and the case for him to be the first punter to win Super Bowl MVP, and whether this is a reflection of the weakness of other candidates or the strength of Colquitt’s game in a critical phase of the game (2:05)
  • An early discussion of the Schofield Big Board of Draft Quarterbacks, as well as a breakdown of the relative value of picking quarterbacks in various rounds, and whether second tier quarterbacks are worth it on the risk/reward scale as far as salary and production are concerned (9:29)
  • Brandon breaking down the keys to the Denver Broncos’ victory and how they were able to employ various pressure schemes to both contain Cam Newton and prevent him from getting in rhythm throughout the game (15:03)
  • The physiology of NFL prospects and how it can be used as a puzzle piece to help project future development or injury risks (23:39)
  • The ITP Glossary term “Kill Call” and how offenses use it to change a play at the line of scrimmage in a simple and efficient manner, as well as how it compares to other type of audibles used by NFL teams (30:46)

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