ITP The Podcast Volume 1.20

While two teams punched their tickets for San Francisco with wins in last weekend’s conference championship games, ITP The Podcast Volume 1.20 starts to roll towards draft season as the calendar closes in on February. Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda start laying the groundwork for May’s NFL Draft, as well as touching on the release of Mark’s first book, 17 Drives: College Football’s 2015 Season, One Game At A Time. Topics include:

  • Mark and Chuck’s top prospects to watch in Mobile, AL at the Senior Bowl, including Mark’s thoughts on what Carson Wentz needs to do over the course of the week and Chuck’s top kicking prospects (3:08)
  • The ITP Glossary term “Target Distance Punted (TDP)“, a better metric for measuring the leg strength and distance control of punters (11:38)
  • Mark’s recently-released book, 17 Drives, and the story the book tells as it takes readers through the 2015 season. We discuss the conception of the book, Mark’s writing process, key chapters, and what to expect next (16:02)
  • The kicker evaluation process, including the key segments of a kicker’s mechanics to watch during study and how these pieces can give clues as to a kicker’s projected success at the NFL level (28:06)
  • The Harry Stamper All-Go Offensive Play of the Week, featuring the TD from Carolina Panther QB Cam Newton to WR Corey Brown (37:59)

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