January 19 Quick Kicks Podcast Part 1

The AFC Divisional Round games are in the book and the January 19 Quick Kicks Podcast Part 1 is a 15-minute trip through the events that unfolded in the AFC over the weekend. Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda break down the key concepts from the battles between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs as well as the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers. Topics include:

  • Recapping last week’s predictions for this game and how closely it followed them (1:35)
  • The importance to the New England offense of having Julian Edelman back in the fold after the wide receiver missed the second half of the season with a foot injury (2:38)
  • Whether the inability to defend the run against the Chiefs will be something that continues to be an issue against Denver, or if it was scheme-related (5:27)
  • The ability of Bill Belichick, Matt Patricia, and the New England defense to take away Travis Kielce as a threat over the course of the game (7:29)
  • The inability of Denver to move the ball consistently until their final drive of the game and the continued issues in the passing game (8:54)
  • Whether Pittsburgh’s lack of personnel in the box contributed to the Broncos ability to run the ball throughout the game (12:23)
  • How the New England offensive line will stand up against Denver’s front seven, and the importance to the Patriots of having Edelman as a safety valve in the passing game (13:52)
  • The lack of consistency from New England running the ball and if it will be a concern next weekend (14:44)

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