ITP The Podcast Volume 1.5

Week 5 of the NFL season featured several tests of hot teams looking to continue their winning ways. Hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield are joined by Andy Guyader of and Daniel Syed of to help break down all of the action from this week in the NFL. ITP The Podcast Volume 1.5 topics include:

  • Chuck and Mark break down the Bengals/Seahawks and Rams/Packers tilts and what they indicate about the balance of power in the NFL (0:36)
  • Mark details the Harry Stamper All-Go Play of the Week – the touchdown from Jay Cutler to Matt Forte to seal a Chicago Bears win (5:51)
  • Andy Guyader discusses the concept of game maps and what they can show fans an analysts about the flow of a game (10:24, NOTE: Technical difficulties on our end did cut this interview short. We will have Andy on again in the future.)
  • Mark details the concept of “bird dogging”, why quarterbacks should avoid it, and how they can train themselves to prevent it (16:52)
  • Dan Syed discusses the effective coaching from the Bengals coaching staff that has put Andy Dalton and his crew in a position to be successful this season (23:51)
  • Chuck and Mark examine the upcoming slate of game, with an emphasis on Patriots/Colts, Panthers/Seahawks, and Bengals/Bills (32:07)

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