Inside the Playbook: Green Bay Packers RPO Concepts

Inside the Pylon is proud to introduce another new bit of content: Inside the Playbook. In this series, our writers will take to the tape to illustrate how different football concepts are executed, highlighting both prospective draft picks, brilliant design and great individual efforts.

The latest installment from Ted Nguyen takes a look the Green Bay Packers offense by looking at the run/pass option concepts they use. Ted examines these plays, illustrating the differences between “pre-snap RPOs,” and “post-snap RPOs:”

Ted Nguyen created this video. Follow him on Twitter via @RaidersAnalysis. Check out his site, his other work at ITP, or three plays Mike Shula should have called in the Super Bowl, and Vernon Adams.

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25 thoughts on “Inside the Playbook: Green Bay Packers RPO Concepts

  1. I wanna know where you get the film. Where do you get the program and video player. The lack of ability game pass has with easy pause and rewind. Inability to stop rewind for 1 second. Showing the movements and the players as they execute there job during the play

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