This Week in Football Writing: August 31, 2015

Inside The Pylon works tirelessly to deliver quality football articles to our readers. In case you missed it, our friends and colleagues produce high-level football writing every day. This Week in Football Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces from the last week and shares them with you.

RSP Film Room No. 52: QB Carson Wentz with Mark Schofield

Matt Waldman and ITP’s own Mark Schofield review NDSU Carson Wentz’s FCS Championship Game film from last year and discuss the QBs physical and mental readiness for the NFL.

Dear Chris Carter, No More

Jayme Snowden does a number on Chris Carter over his suggestion at the NFL Rookie Symposium that rookies find a fall guy.

5 Brutal Realities of High School Football (From a Coach)

Evan V. Symon speaks with Central Texas high school football coach William Lane about high school football in Texas.

How Washington Used Used RGIII and the Wide Zone to Control the Mike Linebacker

Alex Kirby takes us back to the days when Washington loved RGIII to show us how head coach Mike Shanahan fused the Wide Zone concept with the Zone Read concept to neutralize the Mike.

Butler Beats the Odds

Neil Stratton brings us quotes from Patriots CB Malcolm Butler, and how he went from an undrafted free agent to legitimate NFL starter.

Film Room: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Cian Fahey of Football Outsiders turns to film to show that Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the least intelligent quarterbacks in the NFL, but he keeps getting jobs because of how he fails.

Catch Radius: Odell Beckham Has Company

Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders quantifies the acrobatic catches the 2014 wide receiver class made.

Russell Wilson Claims his New Water Heals Concussions. That’s Corny and Dangerous.

The Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore takes Russell Wilson to task for his dubious claims that water healed his concussions.

Pat McAfee Ready to Bong Russell Wilson’s Water if it Means Superbowl

The best punter ever makes a funny about Russell Wilson’s magical water.

The Chancellor Holdout: When a Good Deal Goes Bad

Former agent and team representative Andrew Brandt writes for the MMQB about how both sides in the Chancellor vs. Seattle contract dispute have good points.

Meet Josh Rosen, UCLA’s Starting QB Who Believes Football “Isn’t Life”

Ryan Smith from Uproxx Sports discussed how UCLA’s QB Josh Rosen may have more perspective about football than most top college recruits.

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