Inside the Playbook

Inside the Playbook videos focus on breaking down plays, schemes, or concepts for viewers. Each video breaks down the Xs and Os behind RPO schemes, or focus on how defenses get off the field by utilizing different concepts to shut down the offense. These videos are a great resources for understanding the game at a coaching level.

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First Sound

First Sound videos focus on concepts and traits required by players to make a certain play successful. From videos breaking down traits that make wide receivers successful, to videos highlighting how a quarterback’s anticipation trait was necessary for a play to work, these videos put you in the mindset of a scout or player as plays develop, giving you the necessary perspective¬†to analyze how concepts are executing each Saturday or Sunday.

Draft Spotlight

Draft Spotlight videos highlight traits of draft eligible prospects. Each video breaks down game tape from various games to show how these prospects exhibit such traits on a consistent basis.

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