Divisional Round NFL Power Picks

Exciting divisional round is finally here. Patriots are the only consensus pick, while surprising Indy gets the nod over Denver. What a football weekend!

Each pick is now worth 10 points — making each pick critical. Can Dave & Dr. Geary retake the lead with upset picks for Carolina & Dallas? Are we going to witness the final Peyton game? We’ll find out come Sunday night.


Wild Card Weekend Results

The race starts anew with lots of 15-5 and 10-10 scores, with just a single 20-0 and 0-20 tallies.

About the Picks

Here it is – the Inside The Pylon contributors’ weekly picks… Some quick notes:

  • They are straight-up picks and not against the spread.
  • The orange highlight signifies games where there were no more than 1-2 upset picks. The brave picks are highlighted with a white border.
  • The green highlight signifies games where everyone agreed on the winner.
  • Flipping a coin is not a successful strategy, Dave.

We’ll keep track of all the weeks throughout the season and, after the Super Bowl, declare the winner – who will receive a coupon for a free small Slurpee at the 7/11 of his choice??

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