The ITP Membership

When we started Inside the Pylon (then Football Central) in the fall of 2014, we set out with one mission in mind: to provide the highest-quality football content available anywhere, with the occasional 1990s action-movie reference mixed in as well. We had no idea how to run a website, create a podcast, or produce YouTube videos, but we figured those were minor details we could sort out along the way.

Through a process that can best be described as “trying out new ideas until one works,” we have managed to build a site – and community – of which we are incredibly proud, and, if you are reading this, every one of you is part of that. Since our inception, we have published over 1,800 articles, 200 podcasts, 75 YouTube videos, several Tweets and a Facebook and Instagram message or two, and we continue to look for new ways to get content out to our readers, listeners, and viewers. We have seen our work featured on countless other sites, and we could not have done it without all of you.

As ITP grew, both in staff and complexity, we considered a number of options to keep up with the expenses of running our website. We talked about paywalls. We talked about products. We talked about nearly every idea out there as far as finding ways to pay the bills every month. We even sold 34 t-shirts, with hopefully a few more coming in the future. Through it all, though, we continued to believe that keeping our content accessible to everyone was of the utmost importance.

With that in mind, we are creating the ITP Membership.

First and foremost, the ITP Membership is not a paywall. Every article, every podcast, every YouTube video that we create will continue to be accessible to both members and non-members at all times. One more time: We will not charge you for any of the content on our website. While books, online guides, or other items may have additional cost, our website will remain free. Forever.

So what does the ITP Membership actually give you?

We wanted to create something that took the educational resources that we already provide, but give you greater access and depth than before. So we decided that the best way to give you something more was to create not a product, but an experience: greater access – a direct connection – to our writers, podcast hosts, and video content creators. Rather than simply reading an article, listening to a podcast, or watching a pre-made video, we wanted you to be able to interact with and discuss concepts with our staff on a regular basis.

Basically, we’re giving you us.

So here is what you get in the ITP Membership:

  • Live interactive video sessions breaking down college and pro schemes
  • Live interactive video sessions scouting key attributes and techniques of impact players
  • Members-only Q&A sessions with special guests from the world of football
  • A 30% discount on all other Inside the Pylon merchandise
  • Preferred pricing with our partners on football-related products and services

The ITP Membership currently has two different subscription options: You can purchase a monthly subscription for $5.99 per month, or an annual subscription at the discounted price of $60 per year. You get the exact same benefits regardless of which subscription you choose.

We’re honored that you choose to spend your time reading, watching, and listening to our work. We want to continue to grow and provide additional analysis and new formats to help you understand football at a higher level. By supporting ITP through our membership program, you give us the ability to continue pursuing our goal of bringing you the best football content around, and we always want to keep working on our game.

Let’s do this.


Become an ITP Member today!