Anthony Sherrils: Discipline and Speed

[dt_divider style=”thick” /]As a talent evaluator, it is crucial to not be influenced by the surrounding noise. That’s why, when scouting for the 2018 Inside the Pylon draft guide, I didn’t read any other scouting reports or articles.

Now that my reports have been submitted, I am shocked at the lack of buzz Missouri safety Anthony Sherrils is receiving. Sherrils’ discipline, speed and change of direction skills impressed me mightily.

In this video, I look at six plays which highlight his ability as a two-high safety defending both the run and the pass. In all of them, he demonstrates the discipline and speed that form a strong core of his game.

This video was inspired by scouting work done for the 2018 Inside the Pylon Draft Guide. Order your copy soon!

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