This Week in Football Writing: August 17, 2015

Inside The Pylon works tirelessly to deliver quality football articles to our readers. But writers around the internet produce high-level football writing every day, some of which you may have missed.

This Week in Football Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces and shares them with you to ensure our loyal readers have access to the great work being produced about the sport we love.

Dagger Concept

Syed Schemes looks at one of the favorite route combinations of offensive coordinators like Mike Martz and Norv Turner: the dagger, “a 3 man combination involving a vertical route from the slot receiver, a drag from the weak side for a horizontal stretch, and a 15 yard deep dig or square-in from the primary receiver.

A Different Way to Run the Bubble Screen with Chip Kelly

Alex Kirby (him again!) published this excerpt from August Edition of The Pro Football Strategy Report on the Philadelphia Eagles innovative use of the bubble screen.

Jacoby Brissett: Progression and Net Positivity

Charles MacDonald of Football Savages and Draft Breakdown breaks down the film on North Carolina State and 2016 NFL Draft hopeful.

Patriots Preseason Film Review Observations: Pass Rush Flourishes

Doug Kyed of NESN reviewed the film from the New England Patriots first preseason game, breaking down the pass rush, pass defense, run defense, pass protection, passing game, run blocking and running game. Chuck Zodda hopes for more special teams coverage next week, though.

Fist Up: The Tennessee Volunteers’ Attacking Defense – Part 1

Seth Price of Football Concepts looks at the aggressive 1 gap defensive system that the Volunteers hope will return them to SEC relevance.

From the Trenches – Scouting the Offensive Line

Matt and Mike Vahey of Football Educator explain how to scout offensive line play and the attributes they are looking for when reviewing film of a prospect.

Ryan Broyles Saves Money for Family with $60K Annual Budget

Lauren Stephens looks at the frugal and responsible Detroit Lions wide receiver, who understands how short his career could be and saves his paychecks diligently.

Trae Waynes’ Performance in the Hall of Fame Game

Matt Fries of NFL Breakdown looks at every snap of Minnesota Vikings rookie cornerback Trae Waynes in his debut preseason performance during the Hall of Fame game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In Deflategate News

Roger Goodell vs. Tom Brady: The Ultimate Revenge-of-Mediocrity Story

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone weighs in on the case against Roger Goodell, finding the “Poconos-comedy version of Stalinism” practiced by the Commissioner to be absurd and pointless.

Roger Goodell’s Manipulation Of Tom Brady’s Testimony Leaves NFL On Slippery Slope

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports says the “actions of the league office grow more disconcerting and indefensible by the day” in light of the transcripts, testimony and legal briefs flying around. 

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