Celebrating Calais Campbell

Special teams film study can be a challenge – trying to identify blocking responsibilities on kickoff returns, figuring out why a kick came out low, and identifying a punter’s target are all difficult tasks for the average fan. However, Chuck Zodda finds that sometimes a player’s talent on film is so easily identified that it is impossible to ignore. Look no further than veteran defensive end Calais Campbell. His talent? Celebrating field goals.

Drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the second round out of Miami in 2008, Campbell has been a mainstay on the defensive line since his sophomore season. Racking up 440 tackles, 46 sacks, and even two interceptions over the course of his career, his production on defense is unquestioned. But his tape on special teams is truly magical.

Facing the San Francisco 49ers, Campbell shows tremendous length and extension as Chandler Catanzaro’s kick sails through the uprights:Calais Campbell

Phenomenal wingspan, good balance, exquisite form.

But the key to any elite-level talent is consistency. It is one thing to be able to execute at a high level once and then never have the skill show up on tape again. But against the San Diego Chargers, Campbell shines again:Calais Campbell

In fact, Campbell is nothing if not a model of consistency. He displays remarkable form against the New York Giants as well:Calais Campbell

And against the Denver Broncos:Calais Campbell

And the St. Louis Rams:Calais Campbell

Twice:Calais Campbell

Thrice:Calais Campbell

He even plays up against elite competition, facing the Seattle Seahawks in this still:Calais Campbell

Here, Campbell continues his dominance with his signature pose:Calais Campbell

The Rams are undoubtedly one of Campbell’s favorite opponents, as he shows his outstanding execution yet again:Calais Campbell

Not one to take a break against the lowly Cleveland Browns, Campbell takes no play off:Calais Campbell

Finally, he displays textbook form in a recent game against the Minnesota Vikings:Calais Campbell

Sometimes, a lengthy article is necessary to highlight a player’s talent. Here, the film speaks for itself. It’s good.

Calais Campbell

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All video and images courtesy NFL Game Pass.

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