July 14 Quick Kicks Podcast – Football As An International Fan, NFC North Preview

Football continues to grow its global platform, with an increased number of games played at international sites, and the NFL partnering with new media outlets to provide streaming options for fans located in distant locations. The July 14 Quick Kicks Podcast has hosts Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda joined by Justin Twell, one of ITP’s newest writers, and one of our two international writers. Growing up in England and now living in Australia, Justin has a unique perspective on the game that he brings to his writing, primarily focusing on the NFC North. Topics this show include:

  • Justin’s introduction to NFL football as a child, and how he became interested in a sport that had a minimal following in his community (1:55)
  • The experience of watching NFL games at Wembley Stadium and trying to build a group of fans in an international market (4:44)
  • The resources available to international NFL fans in the 1980s and 1990s for learning about football prior to the advent of the internet (6:50)
  • The Chicago Bears and the draft fits of their 2016 class, and who may be able to make an impact early in the 2016 season (9:27)
  • The NFC North and whether the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions have any chance to break through into the upper half of the division this year (11:56)
  • Key positional battles for the Lions and who may unexpectedly end up playing a big role during the upcoming season (14:29)

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