ITP Week 4 Power Picks

What a week for the Good Doctor! With a stellar 13-3 week, Dr. Geary takes the lead away from Kostya. Ross is bringing up the rear with two consecutive 7-9 weeks.

Scroll below for the complete results from last week. Now for week 4, we have another set of upset picks:

  • Dan & Mark going with the Jets at home vs. the Lions
  • James with the first of four “goose” picks, in going with the Bucs vs. the Steelers
  • Jae with the Vikings at home against the Falcons (was he drunk when this pick was made?)
  • Kostya going with the Cowboys at home vs. the Saints
  • Mark with going with the home team in KC vs. the Patriots

Surprisingly, the FC staff only had two consensus picks — Washington at home vs. the Giants (we all know how that turned out) and the Colts vs. the Titans. Will luck continue to be on Indy’s side? Stay tuned!


Week 3 Results

Here’s the complete results for last week’s picks. Yup — picking football games is an adventure.


About the Picks

Here it is — the Inside The Pylon contributors’ picks for the week. Some quick notes on the picks:

  • They are straight-up picks and not against the spread
  • The orange highlight signifies games where there were no more than 1-2 upset picks. The brave picks are highlighted with a white border.
  • The green highlight signifies games where everyone agreed on the winner

We’ll keep track of all the weeks throughout the season and after the Super Bowl declare the winner, who’ll receive a coupon for a free small slush at the 7/11 of his choice.

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