ITP Week 3 Power Picks

Kostya in the lead with a stellar 10-6 record while Chuck Z bringing up the ugly rear with a 6-10 week. Can CZ get out of the cellar? Can also-rans Super Dave, Dr. Geary, James, and Mark make a push to the top? It all starts with our week 3 power picks.



Welcome another contributor to FC, Dan. Chuck Z’s rolling out the red carpet as Dan also co-shares the jester hat so far. Everyone correctly picked the Falcons over the hapless Bucs, but the real test starts on Sunday.

Quick Observations

There are a number of “goose” (i.e., sticking your neck out) picks, including Dr. Geary’s NYG pick over the 2-0 Texans and Ross’s brave Washington pick over the Eagles.

Biggest surprise? The Jets getting four picks (including from yours truly) versus the Bears in the MNF game. Peanut Tillman’s season-ending injury and the ability for Cutler to INT his way to a loss at any moment may have contributed to those quad picks going the Jets way.

What do you think of this week’s picks? Comment below or better yet, post your own picks. It all starts this evening with the Ravens @ Falcons TNF matchup!

About the Picks

Here it is — the Inside The Pylon contributors’ picks for the week. Some quick notes on the picks:

  • They are straight-up picks and not against the spread
  • The orange highlight signifies games where there were no more than 1-2 upset picks. The brave picks are highlighted with a white border.
  • The green highlight signifies games where everyone agreed on the winner

We’ll keep track of all the weeks throughout the season and after the Super Bowl declare the winner, who’ll receive a coupon for a free small slush at the 7/11 of his choice.

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One thought on “ITP Week 3 Power Picks

  1. Yup — I surprised myself (Jae) with the Jets pick this week, while generally staying with the favorites. The obvious mismatches are Cutler & Bears WRs vs. the pair of safeties that are playing corners for Rex, but I think Mornhinweg will continue to pound the ball behind CJ, Ivory, and Powell to get a big leverage on the ToP. 
    Plus, Geno Smith has cut down on his TO/Game ratio in the young season and with the home field advantage, I am giving a slight advantage to the Gang Green. They’ll need it, because the Bears game kicks off a gauntlet that goes through vs. Lionshome (loss), @ Chargers (loss), vs. Broncos (loss), @ Pats (loss) before easing up a bit with Bills & Chiefs. 
    If the Gang Green blow it on MNF, it is not hard to imagine a 1-6 Jets team after the Pats game. They’ll need to take care of the Bears & the Lions to go 3-3 and have any realistic shot at the wild card.

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