ITP Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 2 NFL Picks

Yup, weekly NFL picks are a tough business. After the Sunday games (but before MNF), we have three co-leaders (with the golden crowns) with an identical 9-6 records. We also have Chuck Z who is trailing the pack as the jester of the court.

Like upset picks? So do I, but it’s really tough to nail them. So far, only Mark’s Ravens pick and Chuck’s Bears pick have panned out.

The chart will be updated once more after tonight’s game. Stay tuned!


About the Week 2 NFL Picks

Here it is — the Inside The Pylon contributors’ picks for the week (yes, we missed last week but then again, Inside The Pylon did not exist last week). Some quick notes on the picks:

  • They are straight-up picks and not against the spread
  • The orange highlight signifies games where there were no more than 1-2 upset picks. The brave picks are highlighted with a white border.
  • The green highlight signifies games where everyone agreed on the winner
  • As we’re posting this after the Thursday game, Mark holds an early lead as the only one to pick the Ravens

We’ll keep track of all the weeks throughout the season and after the Super Bowl declare the winner, who’ll receive a coupon for a free small slush at the 7/11 of his choice.

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14 thoughts on “ITP Week 2 NFL Picks

  1. Looks like you forgot the NYJ/GB game.  Not sure if that was intended, seeing as it would probably be a consensus pick.

    Duh. It’s up and thanks for the heads up. The picks are now also more clearly divided into the days. 

  2. Mark also gets a very temporary crown as the King of FCWPP (Football Central Weekly Power Picks). 
    Oh, and there’ll be a dunce cap for the Jester of FCWPP after Monday’s game as well :D

  3. If you guys want to get your picks in by 1pm tomorrow I’ll happily reward the winner with a Lifetime membership and one transferrable name-change.

    Nip’s giving away free stuff! COMMIE!!!

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