DeflateGate: Nothing to See Here, Folks

Oh, the horror. Yet another “The New England Patriots are cheaters!!1!” media wave is sweeping the country. This time it’s DeflateGate. And once again, it’s much ado about absolutely nothing —— other than the name of the team in the crosshairs. And here’s the proof.

The NFL says it’s investigating… something. Yet the issue of football tampering has been raised numerous times before with other teams and nothing has been done about it by the league — even when a Super Bowl-winning quarterback copped to the practice. Listen for yourself:


Those previous incidents elicited not even so much as a yawn from the national media in their aftermath.

Honestly, we didn’t expect this story to become such a big deal. Nor did we expect the above clip, culled by Mark Schofield, to take off as it has (kudos to Pats Pulpit, Deadspin , the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, and Kissing Suzy Kolber for sharing it and giving credit where it’s due). And now, hopefully, this will be the end of it. Unless NBC, holder of Super Bowl XLIX broadcast rights, again decides to station respected journalist Ron Mott outside Gillette Stadium for a live report, as it did yesterday evening for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Anything for ratings, right?

Meanwhile, Mark and our other experts have their faces buried in video, looking for the angles that will actually matter when the Patriots and Seattle Seahawks meet — you know, analysis like this. That’s where they want to focus their energies, as they should. The rest of the planet would be well-served to do likewise.

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Mark Brown is the Executive Editor of Inside The Pylon, and has written about the dangers ofball watching, the finer points of strip-sacks, what it’s like to be a Jet, and what CFB you should watch, and is a proponent of using evidence to refute hot sports takes.

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