Don’t Believe Us, Just Watch: Patriots 2014 Highlight Reel

In the wake of their Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, some pundits and fans were ready pronounce the New England Patriots dead. Bill Belichick was asked about Tom Brady’s job security, while some pundits and fans raced to see who could dig the grave fastest.

Inside The Pylon has broken down the film on the Patriots Top 5 Offensive Plays of the 2014 season and has recapped the Super Bowl win, but now it is time to break down the funk. Ladies and gentlemen, the Patriots 2014 Highlight Reel:

When re-watching, you will of course find your own favorite moments – note them in the comments and get psyched for more retrospectives such as this one on a fantastic season.

Thank you very much for reading and enjoy the celebration, and check out more recaps of the Big Game here.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Us, Just Watch: Patriots 2014 Highlight Reel

  1. I’ve got three favorite moments, two that (understandably) didn’t make it into the video.

    Brady’s scramble on the opening scoring drive against Cincinnati. He was putting what he said he worked on in the off-season to work, at kind of a critical point in the season. I think he took the ball from the 16 to inside the 10. A few plays later he sneaked it on 4th down for a 1st down.

    Bryan Stork, when he joined the line as a starter in week 4. It was a horrible game all-around, even for him. But then things got better. It kind of became clear that with Stork in, the OL was better, even if it was unclear why. There’s a GIF somewhere of him jumping and almost skipping up to the ball. Maybe there is something to “chemistry.”

    And then Gronkowski’s catch against Chicago. It pretty much showed he was all the way back — ready to make it clear he’s the best TE in the game.

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