Senior Bowl Day 2: North Practice Review

Day Two of Senior Bowl practices are in the books. Inside the Pylon staff writers Michael Nuttle, Matty Brown, Nick Falato, Andrew Jordan, Joseph Ferraiola and Mark Schofield are down in Mobile covering the week, and have their thoughts on the second day of practices. Here are their notes on the North team practice.

With respect to the quarterbacks, Josh Allen’s highlight-reel throws were on display early, as he dropped in two well-placed vertical routes at the start of practice. This fits well with his resume, as he has moments were even his doubters can understand why NFL decision makers are high on him. While he was inconsistent the rest of the day, moments like those early in practice are likely enough to keep him in the early round one discussion. Baker Mayfield, on the other hand, might not flash as much but continues to do the little things during drills and team sessions that impress me from an evaluation standpoint. Even during one-on-one situations, when the quarterback is just allowed one target to choose from, Mayfield will move his eyes and look off imaginary defenders in the secondary. Practice like you expect to play, and you’ll be better come game time.

According to Michael Nuttle, the cornerbacks for the North continued an up and down week at practice. Isaac Yiadom of Boston College had himself a very strong day challenging the receivers with his hands while also displaying good ability to turn his hips and run with receivers down the field. In the press drill, Duke Dawson of Florida got the opportunity to show very good footwork with quick lateral steps to stay in front of receivers and carried that over into the full 11 on 11 scrimmages. Michael Joseph of Dubuque caught the attention of many with his first day performance, but showed struggles today in coverage, especially trying to keep up with the likes of Michael Gallup and was susceptible to getting burnt on double moves by receivers. He showed good footwork and closing speed when defending in the short area, however. One injury of note that we mentioned yesterday, Darius Phillips of Western Michigan did hurt his ankle and will be out for the rest of the week.

Matty Brown watched the safeties again on day 2 of practice. Trayvon Henderson of Hawaii was the star performer once more. He mirrored tight ends at the line of scrimmage in one-on-ones, blanket covering them. He widens so well with receivers, staying square until the receiver opens up. His feet are always moving. He also played well in zone coverage, intercepting a poorly placed Josh Allen pass up the seam from his middle-third shell. Kyzir White from WVU showed fantastic hit power and block shedding, once more proving his physicality. While he looked a bit stiff, lacked twitch, and struggled to get sideline to sideline in single-high, he again impressed in the box and carrying tight ends deep. The hype and talk around Marcus Allen continues to befuddle and bemuse. He recklessly leads with his head into tackles and does not break down. His feet were also stationary and flat in crucial moments, making him a liability in man coverage. He was wooden transitioning, failing to sink his hips into cuts. It would be surprising if any of these safeties ran faster than a 4.5.

Joseph Ferraiola watched the wide receivers again today. Jaleel Scott WR New Mexico is frustrating to watch. He flashes so much potential with his flexibility and body control, but he’s not always aggressive when attacking the ball. He also has inconsistent hands issues with some technique problems and also relying on the ball getting into his body. Earlier today Scott was open down the sideline and tried to catch the ball using his body resulting in a drop. This unfortunately confirmed my initial evaluation of Scott’s ball skills. You’ll see flashes of brilliance with Scott as he leaps and makes spectacular grabs, but you almost wonder if he’s ever going to reach his full-potential.

Miami’s Braxton Berrios looks like a good slot option in the later rounds despite his adequate measurements at the weigh in. He’s quick and executes hard breaks coming back to the ball. He’s seemingly always giving maximum effort on every play and made a ton of slot type catches throughout the last two days.

Michael Gallup flashed his explosiveness and ability today, but overall he didn’t have as good a day as I expected. The Colorado State receiver had some bad drops and had effort issues not going up for passes that could have been potentially intercepted. He’s looking like a round 3 pick at this point.

Allen Lazard WR Iowa State improved with his hands today and showed good concentration, but still has a lack of fluidity to his game. He’s slow into and out of his breaks and doesn’t use his size to an advantage as much as you’d like for a 6’5” receiver.

Boise State’s Cedrick Wilson once again displayed his very good route running using a nice double move to get behind the defense. He was smooth in and out of his breaks. He showed slight signs of improvement when going up against Press coverage as well.

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