Interview with New Mexico Defensive Back Lee Crosby

[dt_divider style=”thick” /]What is it like being a prospect from a smaller school in the run-up to the NFL draft? That is a question that is given little attention. Lee Crosby, a defensive back from the New Mexico Lobos, sheds some light on his experience of the pre-draft process in this interview with Matty Brown

Matty Brown (MB): You played baseball and basketball growing up, while also participating in track. What made you choose football?

Lee Crosby (LC): My Grandfather would also take me out and do some sports but football was the one I fell in love with. Then growing up a huge Baltimore Ravens and Miami Hurricane fan just sealed the deal, because I was a rough kid and they played the hand how I liked.

MB: What was your favorite moment in college football? Why?

LC: This past season against Hawaii forcing a fumble and scooping it for a TD, which happened to be the game winner.

MB: What is a part of your game that you consider an asset?

LC: My versatility to play any position in the secondary and my aggressive and physical nature to not shy away from contact, unlike most DBs.  

MB: What is a part of your game that you feel you need to work on?

LC: Just to calm it down some sometimes. I can be overly aggressive which can be good and bad at times.

MB: What players do you try and model your game after? Why?

LC: Nobody really, I just try to play my game and that’s all.

MB: What is your workout regimen to prepare for the draft physically?

LC: Proper diet and sleep. While getting stronger, faster, and more technically sound for my position.  

MB: How have you mentally readied yourself for the NFL Draft and what comes after?

LC: Just by being me and remaining humble and patient.

MB: How much contact have you had with teams prior to the NFL Draft?

LC: I have spoken with the Ravens, Cardinals, and Panthers. I was invited to the Ravens local day in April.

MB: Which team has been your toughest interview? Why?

LC: None really. A lot of questions have been about my character, family, and myself as a player. I feel as though I have been prepared for the interview process from my time at New Mexico.  

MB: What has been the most challenging part of the draft process?

LC: Just waiting because you can’t control what will happen.

MB: Who has been most helpful in getting you ready for what you face in the NFL draft process?

LC: My family. Ever since I was young they told me that I was going have to work harder than everybody else because nothing is given to you in life.

MB: Do you see yourself playing free safety/slot safety in the NFL, or a different position?

LC: It really doesn’t matter, I played it all during my college career so either one wouldn’t really matter.

MB: What’s your favorite part of playing that position?

LC: Favorite part about playing DB is you get to compete and it’s the only position on the field where you are on an island by yourself sometimes, or the last line of defense to help make a tackle.

MB: What do you get up to in your spare time off the field?

LC: Just hanging with friends, playing the game, or relaxing for most part. I’m a more laid back type of person.  

MB: Anybody or anything you want to give a shout-out to?

LC: Family, coaches, and friends for helping me through this journey.

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