This Week In Football’s Finest Writing & Tweeting – March 28, 2016

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football content to our readers. Football’s finest writing & tweeting collects some of our favorite pieces by friends and colleagues from the week of March 28, 2016 and shares them with you.

The Weekly Reading List

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Reception Perception: Malcolm Mitchell is a top-10 receiver in the 2016 NFL Draft

Matt Harmon uses Malcolm Mitchell’s route tree success rate, among other methods, to show that the Georgia Bulldog is a top-10 receiver in this draft class.

Alex Mack’s Difficult Decision to Finally Leave Cleveland

Brent Sobleski spoke with Alex Mack about his reasoning behind signing with the Atlanta Falcons after playing for seven years in Cleveland.

Raiders Film Analysis- 1 AC/DC Trust

Ted Nguyen breaks down a play from the Oakland Raiders Week 9 matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which David Carr shows trust in Amari Cooper.

The Coaching Perspective of the Draft’s Top Quarterbacks

Robert Klemko spoke to the coaches of each of the top three quarterbacks in this year’s draft class to get a better grasp on the signal callers.

The Seahawks Free Agent Decisions and Future Moves

Jason Fitzgerald breaks down the cap situation, free agent decisions thus far, and future possible moves for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason.

A look inside the world of RPOs, college football’s newest offensive force

Bruce Feldman sits down for an interview with Mike Kuchar to discuss run / pass option offenses and their effect on the college game.

Paxton Lynch and Jon Gruden do some whiteboard work.

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The Book Corner

Mike Freeman‘s book, Two Minute Warning: How Concussions, Crime, and Controversy Could Kill the NFL (And What the League Can Do to Survive) is a tremendous read for football fans who care about the future of the game.

Fantasy football players who want to invest in next year’s success will find Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio invaluable before they draft next season.

Alex Kirby’s 2014 book Speed Kills: Breaking Down The Chip Kelly Offense should be one of the better selling tomes in the Bay Area this offseason.

Our own Mark Schofield wrote 17 Drives, breaking down a key drive from each week of the 2015-2016 College Football Season, culminating in Alabama’s victory over Clemson to earn a national championship.

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