This Week In Football Writing: December 14, 2015

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football content to our readers. This Week in Football Writing collects some of our favorite pieces from friends and colleagues last week and shares them with you.

Don’t Let Kids Play Football

Dr. Bennet Omalu wrote this op-ed that is as simple as it’s title – children should not play tackle football because of the risk of traumatic brain injury.

When It Comes To Diagnosing An NFL play, Observers Have Limitations

Danny O’Neil got it wrong – like we all do – but instead of ignoring it he instead holds himself accountable and, in the process, writes one of the most important pieces the ITP editors have recommended all season.

‘Paid to Give Concussions’

Emily Kaplan of MMQB was on hand when the NFLPA screened Concussion – the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu and how the NFL covered up its concussion problem – for retired players in Atlanta recently. Some viewers limped away in tears, and for some, it was a “panic-inducing horror film”.old-time-helmet

Draft Review of the New Orleans Saints in the Payton-Loomis era, 2006-2014

Nath of is a terrific follow on twitter and a great writer whose latest is a thorough review of the Mickey LoomisSean Payton era drafts for the New Orleans Saints.

Former NFL LB Andra Davis Discusses Contemplating Suicide, Depression and More

Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report spoke with former NFL linebacker Andra Davis, another ex-NFL player struggling with post-career injuries and depression.

How Undrafted Free Agents Have Been Key To Seahawks’ Success

Sheil Kapadia of ESPN looks at how the Seattle Seahawks – who keep trading their first round pick – are so successful in the undrafted free agent market every year.

Blood Test Could Make Identifying Concussions A Lot Easier

Dr. Mallika Marshall reports (video & text) on Boston-area company Quanterix, who is developing a blood test to identify the presence of certain proteins released into the bloodstream when someone is concussed.

College Football’s Ugly Hot Wife Theory, And How To End It

Andy Hutchins of SB Nation on college football coaches using their “hot wife” as a prop at press conferences to demonstrate their “recruiting prowess” is sexist, stupid, and unacceptable.

How Will NFL Improve Concussion Problem Over The Next 50 Years?

Tom Taylor of Sports Illustrated explores the future of football, first by looking at football’s history, and then at the emerging technologies and ideas aimed at ameliorating the dangers of traumatic brain injury.

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