NFL Week 2 Collection

This is the 2015 NFL Week 2 collection of all content from Inside the Pylon.  Please also visit our Glossary, Podcasts, and College Football pages. Click here for NFL Week 1.

PODCAST Episode 1.2

Week 2 Previews, Reviews, and Long-Form

Mark Schofield previews Rex Ryan versus Tom Brady XVI, looking at how the evil genius of pass defense has tried to handle the New England quarterback in previous matchups.

Dave Archibald asks “we’re paying this guy how much?” while investigating the cost involved with investing in a quarterback for the long-term.

Mark Schofield looks at how the Houston Texans defense has allowed opposing tight ends to rack up big stats, and why the Carolina Panthers Greg Olsen was in line for a big day.

Mark Schofield breaks down the chances for success for the Detroit Lions running game against the Minnesota Vikings, using Carlos Hyde‘s Week 1 performance.

Philip Kibbey checked in on the blocking development of Washington tight end Jordan Reed.

Mark Schofield analyzes the first “Carr-to-Cooper” connection for Oakland; a partnership the Raiders hope is just getting started.

Brian Filipiak explains how to scheme pressure while maintaining lane integrity, using the New England Patriots as an example.

Mark Schofield reviewed the film of Cleveland‘s win over Tennessee, and found Johnny Manziel‘s improved use of play action to be an encouraging sign for the Browns offense.

Mark Schofield reports on Jameis Winston‘s big day, seeing on film all the traits that made him the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select him first overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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