This Week In Football Writing: September 28, 2015

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football articles to our readers. In case you missed it, our friends and colleagues produce high-level football writing every day. This Week in Football Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces from the last week and shares them with you.

So You Want to Scout Football Talent…RSP Film Room No.57

Matt Waldman‘s latest installment of the RSP Film Room features The Scouting Academy‘s Dan Hatman talking about Kenneth Dixon, running backs and so much more.

10 Must-Read Fantasy Football Stats For Week 3

Matt Harmon looked at key stats for fantasy football players in Week 3; look at how you’d have made out yesterday and add him to your weekly list of must-reads.

Time to Mix Things Up in the Ground Game?

Ryan, the ChipWagoneerlooks the Philadelphia Eagles rushing attack and how some simple adjustments are needed to get it back on track.

How Richard Berman ’64 Decided DeflateGate

Joon Lee sat down with federal judge Richard Berman after his decision to overturn Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

Jason Vander Laan: An Underdog Scouting Evaluation

Jeff Risdon profiles Division II quarterback Jason Vander Lann of the Ferris State Bulldogs, a real underdog prospect but deserving of more eyeballs from talent evaluators.

Daniel Snyder Can’t See That The Future Is Here

Mike Wise of ESPN/The Undefeated is just the latest to point out the problems of Daniel Snyder and the Washington Football Club.

Friday Film Room Week 3: Allen Robinson

Christopher Harris of Vice Sports goes into the film room to look at Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson – and quarterback Blake Bortles.


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