ITP Week 17 NFL Power Picks

With the NFL Playoffs approaching, who’ll be crowned the Inside The Pylon regular season winner? The Week 17 NFL power picks will determine the King.

It’s been an exciting journey in our inaugural campaign of NFL coverage. With Super Dave and Jeff as our co-leaders, the final regular season picks provide a powerful finale. With our honorary captain Drew Bledsoe gracing the cover, the selections offer another slew of upsets including Buffalo vs. New England, Bengals vs. Cowboys, Snyders vs. Cowboys, and no consensus choices.


Week 16 Results

With well over 200 picks, only 8 games separate our first place leaders (Super Dave & Jeff) and 7th place (Mark) going into the last week. Here are the full results from week 16:

About the Picks

Here it is – the Inside The Pylon contributors’ weekly picks… Some quick notes:

  • They are straight-up picks and not against the spread.
  • The orange highlight signifies games where there were no more than 1-2 upset picks. The brave picks are highlighted with a white border.
  • The green highlight signifies games where everyone agreed on the winner.
  • Flipping a coin is not a successful strategy, Dave.

We’ll keep track of all the weeks throughout the season and, after the Super Bowl, declare the winner – who will receive a coupon for a free small Slurpee at the 7/11 of his choice??

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