NFL Week 4 OSR Stats

Offensive Success Rate (OSR) tracks how well an offense has performed on any given play based on the down, distance, and result of the play. Success rate is a measure of how many plays gain 50% of needed yards on first down, 50% of needed yards on second down, or 100% of needed yards on third or fourth down.

Further in OSR stats, a standard down includes all 1st downs, 2nd down with 1-7 yards to go, or 3rd/4th downs with 1-4 yards to go. Meanwhile, passing downs are 2nd & 8 yards or more, as well as 3rd/4th downs & 5+ yards to go. Yardage gained on a QB scramble is considered yards gained on a passing play in the calculation. Offensive kneel-downs are not included.

Teams on bye weeks are represented by all zeros.

Week by Week Data

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Here are the week 4 OSR stats:

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Where Did It Come From?

Mike Backherms, regular contributor to Big Cat Country, calculates and provides Inside The Pylon with OSR data.

Mike’s work was inspired by this awesome article written by Bud Elliott from Tomahawk Nation, and Bill Connelly from Football Study Hall (who provided stats utilized in Elliot’s article).

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