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Inside the Pylon: The Podcast is an extension of the premium football analysis we provide in our daily articles. Our NFL and NCAA football podcast introduces listeners to our authors and guests who we want to highlight each week as they discuss what is going on in the world of college and professional football. We discuss everything from advanced scouting, to film analysis, to even how punters are people, too. So sit back, grab beverage, and enter our world of advanced football analysis.

2015 Season

Volume 1.1

Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield discuss some of the key results from Week 1 of the NFL season, and are also joined by Dan Hatman from The Scouting Academy to discuss his company’s curriculum for educating future scouts. Dave Archibald also stops by to discuss his recent breakdown of the New England Patriots and their four-tight end sets employed in Week 1.

Volume 1.2

Chuck and Mark look at the development of Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles after Week 2 wins by the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars. Charles McDonald from The Falcoholic joins the crew for a look at the 2-0 Atlanta Falcons, and Nath Pizzolatto stops by to discuss the woes of the 0-2 New Orleans Saints.

Volume 1.3

Week 3 was a tumultuous week in the NFL, and Chuck and Mark take a look at the good (Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals, the bad (Andrew Luck’s continued struggles), and the ugly (Ben Roethlisberger’s injury and what it means for the Steelers) in this episode. Also featured are guests Dave Archibald and Brandon Thorn from

Volume 1.4

At the quarter-pole of the season, Chuck and Mark dig into whether or not there is an issue with NFL kickers, as well as examining Duke Johnson’s breakout game for the Cleveland Browns. They are also joined by Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy to discuss his views on the first four weeks of the season, and Daniel Syed of to look the performance of coaching staffs so far this season.

Matt Waldman Scouting Podcast

Matt Waldman of joins Mark and Chuck for an in-depth look at his scouting process and how he goes about projecting college players at the NFL level. This bonus episode features Matt and Mark trading ideas on scouting quatterbacks and other position players, and focuses on some of the players Matt has hit on in recent years, as well as some of the misses and how Matt uses those to improve his process for future seasons.

Volume 1.5

Mark and Chuck look at several big matchups, including Bengals/Seahawks and Rams/Packers in a recap of a busy weekend. Andy Guyader from stops by to discuss his game maps as a visual representation of a game and their application for fans, and Dan Syed from drops in to discuss how the Cincinnati coaching staff has done an outstanding job putting Andy Dalton in a position to be successful this season.

Volume 1.6

Week 6 featured the much anticipated clash between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots, with Mark and Chuck bringing Rich Hill from into the fold to discuss the big game. Jeff Risdon from and stops by to discuss the plight of the Detroit Lions, as well as the draft status of Michigan State QB Connor Cook.

Volume 1.7

Mark and Chuck look at the status of the NFC North and whether the upstart Vikings can challenge the Packers in the division. They are also joined by Alex Kirby of to discuss the collapse of the Indianapolis Colts, and Dave Archibald of Inside the Pylon to discuss his most recent article on salary cap and draft spending by NFL teams.

Volume 1.8

The Green Bay Packers ended their undefeated run at the hands of the Denver Broncos, a game that discuss extensively. Mike Backherms joins to discuss his Offensive Success Rate (OSR) and Defensive Success Rate (DSR) stats that ITP is now hosting. And a prank call to Dr. Christopher Geary, which turns into a real call about week 8 injuries and how the latest rehabilitation techniques have helped to improve recovery times for athletes facing common injuries.

Volume 1.9

Week 9 saw the Denver Broncos fall from the ranks of the undefeated, losing to the Colts, in a game that was representative of the unpredictable nature of the weekend. Chuck and Mark take Inside the Pylon: The Podcast through the events of last weekend and get you up to speed on all of the major events. They are joined by Danny Kelly from to talk about the Seahawks struggles this season, Andy Guyader from to explain his NFL Game Maps, and William Carroll of and who talks college scouting and projecting NFL talent.

Volume 1.10

Dr. Christopher Geary, from Tufts University, opens the podcast by discussing key injuries to Denver Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning and New England Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman. Mark and Chuck discuss how the Detroit Lions shut down the Green Bay Packers’ offense. Nath Pizzolatto of joins to detail the growth of the New Orleans Saints’ rookie class. And Emory Hunt of comes on to discuss how to scout small-school prospects, and Trevone Boykin’s future as a quarterback.

Volume 1.11

This past weekend saw several critical matches for division leaders that will have playoff implications in January. Chuck and Mark are joined by Dave Archibald from Inside the Pylon who chats about his recent series about draft capital and salary cap investment by NFL teams. On this podcast he discuses tight end investment. Dan Syed of comes on to discuss the matchup between New England and Buffalo, focusing on how the Patriots front seven was able to generate pressure through a variety of looks, as well as why the New England offensive line struggled at times against the Bills game plan.

Volume 1.12

With conference championships looming, Trevor Sikkema of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discuses the upcoming SEC Championship game, while Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy focuses on the process behind a general manager search and the key things for organizations to look for. Brandon Thorn of The Football Educator also drops in to discuss the Denver Broncos and their recent success with their running game.

Jeff Risdon Scouting Podcast

Jeff Risdon of and joins Mark to discuss the Detroit Lions and how their general manager search will affect their organization in the years ahead, as well as an early look at the 2016 draft class and where some of the big names may land. Also included are some of Jeff’s thoughts on scouting under-the-radar players as well as prospects he is focused on as we head into bowl season.

Volume 1.13

The Carolina Panthers continued their undefeated run, with Mark and Chuck digging into why Cam Newton has been able to lead a ragtag offense to a perfect record. They are also joined by Aaron Nagler of Sports Illustrated, FanDuel, and Cheesehead.TV to discuss the Green Bay Packers and their recent struggles on offense, as well as Dayne Burns of On The Fifty Yard Line, who examines the growth of young quarterbacks and the resurgence of the Houston Texans.

Volume 1.14

With the top two seeds in the AFC losing in Week 14, Chuck and Mark look at the developing playoff picture and some of the possible outcomes for the start of the postseason. Alex Kirby of joins the crew to discuss his newest book on the St. Louis Rams “Greatest Show on Turf”, as well as the innovation of offenses during the 2015 season.

Matt Miller & Dan Hatman Scouting Roundtable

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report and Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy join Chuck and Mark for a special roundtable discussion on Matt’s ’10 Scouting Rules’ and how he applies them in his evaluation process. Key topics in this episode include the self-evaluation that scouts must go through in order to improve their own processes, the importance of context behind a player’s production and performance, and why film study tends to show more than pre-draft workouts.

Volume 1.15

Heading into Week 16, Chuck and Mark are joined by Jeff Lloyd,  Kyle Crabbs of, and Shane Alexander of as they look to get you ready for the last two weeks of regular-season NFL action. This show features discussion on both of the New York NFL teams, as well as key players to watch during bowl season and an early look at the top of some draft boards.

Volume 1.16

The penultimate show of the NFL regular season and the final show of 2015 features Chuck and Mark examining the first loss of the Carolina Panthers, as well as a look at what several playoff teams need to do to get ready for the postseason. They are joined by Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated and Andy Guyader of to help give fans a look at key concepts heading into 2016.

Volume 1.17

With the NFL regular season wrapped up, Mark and Chuck dive into the playoffs, both at the NFL and NCAA level. Danny Kelly from Field Gulls drops by to discuss the Seattle Seahawks and their playoff chances after a strong finish to the regular season, while Trevor Sikkema of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives his insight on the college National Championship Game between Alabama and Clemson.

Volume 1.18

Wild Card Weekend lived up to its billing, and Chuck and Mark are here to look at all of the excitement. They are joined by Luke Easterling of Bleacher Report and Alex Kozora of Steelers Depot, helping to get you ready for the upcoming Divisional Round. Luke also digs into the offseason moves of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his top quarterbacks to watch at the Senior Bowl.

Volume 1.19

Heading into the conference championships, Mark and Chuck delve into some of the key matchups for the week ahead as well as start to look towards the NFL Draft. They are joined by Dan Hatman from The Scouting Academy to discuss recent front office hires, as well as Brandon Thorn from The Football Educator to discuss the Denver Broncos and their playoff prospects.

Volume 1.20

Mark Schofield recently released 17 Drives: College Football’s 2015 Season, One Game at A Time, and Chuck and Mark walk you through the ins and outs of the book. Continued discussion on the NFL Draft with the top prospects to watch at the Senior Bowl and the basics of scouting kickers.

Volume 1.21

Chuck and Mark recap the 2016 Senior Bowl, and are also joined by Jeff Risdon of and to help analyze some of the prospects who were down in Mobile, AL for the week. Also discussed here are stories of Super Bowls past as we head towards Super Bowl 50 in the upcoming weekend.