Football Think Tank Podcast

Beyond box scores, player evaluation, and schematics, there are questions facing the NFL and its member teams. What can be done to gain a competitive advantage? How will rising revenues and therefore salary cap thresholds affect roster construction? How can/should decision makers work to manage ownership in their decision making processes? All of these topics and more will be explored on the Football Think Tank Podcast where, NFL scout and Director of The Scouting Academy, Dan Hatman, hosts a round table discussion each week with NFL executives, analysts, and thought leaders to challenge the status quo of where the game is and where it is headed.

College Football As NFL's Farm System

┬áJuly 11 – A roundtable discussion featuring former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask, current NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz, and former Carolina Panthers scout John Peterson on the pros and cons of the NFL using college football as its de facto farm system.