Pylon U February 23, 2017 – Austin Rehkow & Al-Quadin Muhammad Interviews, Kizer Breakdown

Pylon U hosts Shane Alexander and Jeff Feyerer interview two NFL prospects and later discuss the process as well as the pitfalls of analyzing a high profile college quarterback.

Former University of Idaho specialist¬†Austin Rehkow discusses both kicking and punting in college. The future NFL special teamer discusses the nuances needed to perform at a higher level, as well as what he’s working on to prepare for the NFL.

University of Miami defensive lineman Al-Quadin Muhammad joins the podcast to discuss his time in South Beach and how he can fit in an NFL defense. Muhammad also talks about the toughest matchups he faced in college.

After the interviews, Shane Alexander and Jeff Feyer talk about Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer’s future in the NFL.

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